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January 30, 2007

Inventions of Shona and Jess – FM and Smack

This week, Shona and Jess visit the newly renamed Smack…

Inventions of Shona and Jess

1) Winning caption from Steve: Smack my bitch/Jess up

2) Jess had no idea what hit her. Everyone else did.

3) Ben Worsfield: The aptly named Smack’s new magnetic disco ball is not such a great addition for students with metal plates in their heads.

January 29, 2007


i can’t remember…i didn’t note it down…it was something about Shona making a clone of herself and ending up with a cookie…

I’m not very efficent


January 23, 2007

Inventions of Shona and Jess

And this week…Shona hits the Lab….Inventions week 3

January 20, 2007

This weeks winner…

“Jess can resist everything- except temptation of phoning a ninja and sending him after Shona”- Steve

Honnorable Mentions…

“Jess takes drastic action after last weeks Bowie bashing”

“Follow your dream- unless it’s one where you’re attacked by a ninja and you friend rings everyone to tell them about it”

More inventions of Shona and Jess next week…with less violence…maybe…

January 16, 2007

The Invention of Shona and Jess

Writing about web page

Inventions week 2

You know the score…Shona and Jess are in another sticky situation, tell us what’s happening!
the best entry will win some yummy sweeties!
Either click and follow the link to song requests on the RaW homepage, or email
This week…there’s a ninja!

January 09, 2007


...and we announce the winner! (who will in fact recieve 3 kinder eggs for their sterling efforts)

1st “Jess writes another song about her love for Bowie” Martyn Turze

2nd “Jess, you’re guitarded” Matt Rebeiro

3rd “if I agreed with you playing that guitar, we’d both be wrong…” Steve ‘stevalicious’ Applegate

plus here’s some honorable mentions….

“ukuele ukuele ukuele, smack”
“Shona learns Jess’ ukuele birthday songs arn’t exclusive to her”
“Don’t play behind me for I may not listen, don’t play ahead of me for I may not look, do not play beside me either…just leave me alone”

tune in next week for more Inventions of Shona and Jess!

January 08, 2007

The Invention of Shona and Jess

It’s quite possible that our subtle hints haven’t quite communicated our excitement, so just in case – that’s right! Officially primetime dj-ettes. As a celebration, we’ve decided to bring you more of our Kinder Egg art. Except less Kinder Egg. More Shona and Jess. If you really like, you can have all 3, but only if you send us Kinder eggs.

This is The Invention of Shona and Jess. It is a vague attempt at a competition, with only one very minor flaw (no prizes). Please think of a funny caption. Then please click on the picture and write the funny caption to us in the studio (click – it’s magic, it takes you to the right webpage and everything).

The Invention of Shona and Jess - the episode of the ukulele

Eclectic Cookie Jar hits Primetime

Writing about web page

Cookie Jar primetime

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