March 15, 2006

Revision – again :(

Well it's round to that time of year again. I'm actually two days ahead of myself at the moment. makes room for people to faint in shock Hopefully that will last. Today I took the afternoon to make quadruple chocolate cookies. These are chocolate cookies with 3 types of chocolate chunks in. Mmmmmm… Cadbury and Milkybar, who would ask for more? Of course, next time i could coat them in chocolate too…

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  1. Sounds oh, so unhealthy, yet so good. Chocolate is awesome. Good luck with the revision Liz.

    15 Mar 2006, 21:57

  2. cadbury

    if there's only 3 types of chocolate chunk, how are the cookies quadruple chocolate?!?!

    my god – mr. cadbury must be turnin in his grave. that is, if he's dead… not sure 'bout that one. i can only hope he never found out 'bout the monstrosity that is cadbury's fruit and nut… tut tut tut

    15 Mar 2006, 22:59

  3. Dear non-logged in user,

    3 types of chocolate chunk, and then the cookies themselves are chocolate, made so with cadburys cocoa. And what exactly is wrong with fruit and nut? There was more than one Mr. Cadbury as well…

    16 Mar 2006, 10:03

  4. oh, and Bosa, since when was being healthy a criteria for anything?

    16 Mar 2006, 10:08

  5. cadbury

    Quite frankly, this is scandalous. Surely there's some kind of standards committee that should be investigating these things. On another note what comes after quadruple? Quintiple? And what if there were 13 types of chocolate. Although 13's an evil number. The Cadbury family would like to emphasise that there's no business or personal association between the production of our chocolate and the devil. Although we've heard he's a fan of the Crunchie.

    16 Mar 2006, 13:46

  6. Dear cadbury,

    What exactly is scandalous? I would have thought that quintiple comes after quadruple, but I am not a member of the committee who is in charge of that kind of thing. Not sure about 13 kinds, but also not sure that could be achieved either… What about connections that are neither business or personal? So the devil has a sweet tooth has he? How do the Cadbury family feel about bringing the Wispa bar back? Cos it is sadly missed!

    Have lots of chocolate fun

    16 Mar 2006, 14:58

  7. cadbury

    oh my god i COMPLETELY forgot about the wispa bar. and then there was the wispa gold or something that had a caramel bit. MY LIFE IS OFFICIALLY OVER. Easter's cancelled.

    21 Mar 2006, 00:15

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