June 15, 2007

We're moving

Follow-up to Wispas: Where did they go? from Liz's blog

Hey everyone,

Just thought I’d let you know that I’m converting this into a group on facebook (www.facebook.com) as I am graduating this year and therefore my blog will go :’(

Just search elizabeth chuter on facebook and the group should be on there ‘bring back wispas’, anyone can join


May 07, 2006

Football – a waste of time!

In my opinion (this part is here in a probably vain attempt to stop people from murdering me!) football is a waste of time.

I do not see that there is anything to be gained from watching a bunch of ugly guys kicking a sphere (approximately) around a grass field! Perhaps someone can fill me in on the virtues of this "sport" as I obviously missed that lesson in PE!

Anyway, I will leave all you lovely bloggers to blog in peace.

March 15, 2006

Revision – again :(

Well it's round to that time of year again. I'm actually two days ahead of myself at the moment. makes room for people to faint in shock Hopefully that will last. Today I took the afternoon to make quadruple chocolate cookies. These are chocolate cookies with 3 types of chocolate chunks in. Mmmmmm… Cadbury and Milkybar, who would ask for more? Of course, next time i could coat them in chocolate too…

January 03, 2006

Wispas: Where did they go?

Does anyone else miss Wispa bars? They were made by Cadbury and were the best chocolate bar until Cadbury stopped making them a couple of years ago. I emailled them and they said they now make dairy milk bubbly instead. This is too sweet, and doesn't have the same texture as Wispas :( I'm thinking of starting a campaign to get them back again – anyone feel like joining me?

December 18, 2005

Favourite TV show of the moment

5 out of 5 stars

Well here is another work of sheer genius. Plus it has Matthew MacFadyen in it. Adding genius to genius. How can anything get better?

Except of course the new Pride and Prejudice which also has Matthew in. :)

Anyone looking for something interesting to watch, this series about the lives of MI5 agents is great, filmed in a contempory style with never a dull moment, will keep you on your toes. My only complaint is that there are only 6 episodes. Oh, and it's British too :) The second series has more episodes, looking forward to that, should arrive through the post soon.

Favourite music of the moment

5 out of 5 stars
This cd is absolutely brilliant. A work of sheer genius. I went to see the band live and they were even better live :). If you're looking for some great music to liven up your day and motivate you to work, this is the album! At least if you're anything like me!

Sword :)

Yesterday I had quite an exciting day. First I got locked in the staffroom at work by Mark (will plan and achieve revenge soon!). Then later I bought a sword :) Very happy now. Will be even happier when I recieve it.

Isn't it beautiful?

October 29, 2004

The Pit and the Pendulum, or The Essay That Never Got Written

One night I had a dream….

I thought I woke up in my bed and I lay there for a moment, wondering why there was such a strange, sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Then I remembered. It was that day…yes, that very day, that I had an essay due in. I cannot now remember the title of the essay – it is irrelevant. Doubtless you will be able to substitute a title of your own. And I had not even begun it, had not even thought about beginning it. I stretched out my hand to switch on the light, and as I moved there was a sinister rustle. It came from close beneath me. And there was no light switch. I opened my eyes but it took a few moments for them to become accustomed to the lack of light that there was. I realised then that I was lying in a pit. I moved my hand and took up one of the pieces of paper.

Adjusting my eyes to the dimness of that sinister cavern I could just make out that it contained the words of the essay…the essay that I should have written. On investigation I discovered that I was surrounded by papers that, had I been able to utilise them, would have been invaluable to me in the writing of my essay. But I seemed to be seized by some mysterious form of paralysis. I literally was unable to move, far less to write an essay. And then, even as I thought that my position was the worst I could be in, an even more terrible circumstance was revealed to me. Not too far above me I caught a gleam of light. It seemed to move from side to side in a slow, regular motion. As my eyes followed its every motion I strove to discern what it might be. After some time I found that it was a piece of metal that swung backwards and forwards like a pendulum. I watched it for some time, wondering what its purpose was. It was after quite a period that I suddenly realised that it was slowly but relentlessly coming towards me. And as it neared me I could see that the edge of it was sharp and curved. Deadly. And now it was close enough that I could read upon its side the single word "DEADLINE".

It was the deadline of my essay. I knew that now. It was coming closer, nearer, towards me, slowly but relentlessly. It was quite unstoppable. Panic rose in me. I must write that essay. I must write it now. I knew too that I was in the pit of my own folly, of my laziness and apathy. I had carefully and deilberately lowered myself in, and now I must get myself out. But still I found that I could not move. Paralysed by my own stupidity. And all the time the DEADLINE came closer….and closer….and closer. Its sinister gleam swung just above my neck and I knew that unless I wrote that essay, it would touch my neck…slice slowly into it…very slowly.

I woke up, trembling and perspiring. It was half past eight in the morning. I realised that I still had a chance to write the essay…. But then, I had the whole day to do it in, after all….

by Abi Chuter

Work avoidance system

Does anyone else find that they seem to have some kind of built in work avoidance system? For example, I should now be writing a talk that I have to perform the first 5 minutes of on Wednesday. It seems that suddenly things like cleaning my desk become enjoyable passtimes!

If I could just persaude myself to work, I could get the task done, and then spend my free time doing something far more enjoyable than cleaning my desk! It appears I am a hopeless case. My sister wrote a rather amusing thing on this topic, which will be my next entry…

September 28, 2004

well, lets see how this really works…

hum… a blog… well this is a new way of wasting time on the internet :) Ah the joys!

Had first maths lecture of the year today – and it was actually vaguely interesting * hides behind computer screen to avoid guided missiles released by former self * Also had 4 hours of lab – not good!

Oh by the way, I am a second year student, studying for an MPhys. Quite scary to think I'm doing Physics – I'm sure I was quite normal when I was born, something went badly wrong somewhere along the line… Must be something to do with the parents – they both did Physics. Anyway, I ought to do something useful (a phrase you will hear often from me!)

Have fun,


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