October 13, 2008


Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/wie/teaching/undergraduate/ecs/modules/ie1b1/contents/coursecontents/23

I have discovered that I am very much an all – round learner and do not lean towards one type of learning more than another, though the results of the brain quiz reflected that observational learning is something I find easier.

Though I have previously been aware of this, my attention was further drawn to the fact that I need to work in a quiet environment away from noise or distractions else my concerntation levels become inhibited. Also, in order to learn productivley, organisation plays a big part in my learning. Having un – organised files or pieces of work contributes to a ‘lost’ sensation, in which I become confused and get myself into a pannick. Because I am a learner who works their way through a piece of work in small chunks, unless I organise my files I lose site of the direction my learning is going in.

Currently I do learn within the preffered setting that I have already discussed, on my own in a quiet environment. However sinse coming to university, being motivated to do the work is something that I have found challenging. Though I find it easy to set up the conditions required in order for my learning to flourish, the motivational process to actually getting myself sitting down and concerntrating is something I believe I will need to improve on.

I also find it difficult to learn through discussions without having written material provided. Taking notes in discussions is something I have always found challenging because of the speed at which I take notes. Furthermore I want to be listening to ideas contributed in a seminar, and I can’t always comprehend all that is said as my focuss is diverted to note taking.

Therefore I intend to improve my note taking skills and alter the way I learn within the seminar environment. One method I have tried which seems to now be working effectively is to jot down any key words or phrases that are discussed, but throughout most of the discussion just listen to what is being said. After the session has ended, I have then been meeting with some fellow students to re – address the discussion topics and go back over ideas that have been contributed and making notes without feeling hurried to get them all down at once. When I first tried this method of data organistion I found I was able to make my notes more detailed and thorough, something that will be highly beneficial when I come to revise next year.

October 08, 2008


Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/wie/teaching/undergraduate/ecs/modules/ie1b1/coursecontents/13/

• I am glad I have the ability to use a variety of search engines like Google and yahoo to browse the internet to look for a wide range of material to pull ideas from and condense. This is particularly because I am now aware of the sheer amount of research I will be expected to do through out this course and though he library is an excellent resources point to search for information, the internet can be a more practical and quicker solution, or so I have found in my experience. I am also extremely glad that I can now use Microsoft tools like windows effectively for copying up my notes to keep\them organised and up to date.
• The skills I feel I need to improve on are the speed at which I type as it takes me longer than average to complete a piece of work because of my speed. Further more, being able to find my way around the Warwick website is something that I intend to practice more regularly as I am still not as confident as I would like to be at identifying the various icons or steps that need to be taken in order to access my blog for example so I hope that the more I use the better my familiarity with finding my way around the site.

• I haven’t researched thoroughly enough into the types of support that are open to me, however the online courses and help support through internet sources is something I will possibly make use of the most as it’s a little most convenient for late night work if I happened to be tidying up a blog etc at home.

Forum fun

Hi there to those reading this

I just found that introduction to forums really useful and quite exciting! the practice forum was fun because even if people were not named, I could guess who was who ha ha

October 06, 2008


Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/wie/teaching/undergraduate/ecs/modules/ie1b1/coursecontents/21/

Identifying the study skills you need: activity 2.

to paraphrase and synthesise are new skills that are unfamiliar to me and I will need to develope them through practice.

From looking on the websites I found it interesting and useful to discover the efficient ways of gethering information from a varity of sources and how to make notes to understand and make sense of the information I had gathered.


Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/wie/teaching/undergraduate/ecs/modules/ie1b1/coursecontents/21/

reflection on recogising good study skills

a) I feel I have successfully developed my writing skills in terms of the structuring of my essays and organisation of seminar notes.

b)However I still feel I need to improve my writing skills from the perspective of how quickly I write by hand. Also being able to manage my reading time effectively is something I wish to enhance.

Previously before doing this activity I had thought that study skills was only about your ability to aquire new information. However now, I feel it is much more in depth. Study skills I have found is a much broader topic than I had originally anticipated covering all aspects of writing, reading and stetching further to include such issues as revision strategies.

Grasping a better understanding of the term 'study skills' I have come to realise that my timing in terms of having to read and understand large texts is something that I can vastly inmprove to make my learning more efficient.

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