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October 25, 2006

phatfish album review

4 out of 5 stars

I’m LOVING this CD at the moment. The usual drill for me is that i get hooked on a particular song or album and then it’ll be the only thing i listen to for ages… and now it’s Phatfish’s turn.

Phatfish is a band made up of Christians, playing great music with lyrics that are always trueful, often challenging and glorify God. Thankfully they stay away from the wishy-washy ‘Jesus my boyfriend’ type songs and they also strike pretty low on the cheese-ometer in my opinion. It’s always precious to find quality, skilled, non-cheesy christian choons! There’s some great melodies and Lou’s voice is clear, strong and just really nice to listen to as well.

Some highlights…

Annoy – this song’s about bearing with those you find difficult. loaded with bible wisdom… it can hit hard
God Made Man – the whole gospel pretty much! put in a beautiful way.
Vision – God’s great big plan to save people from every language and nation and how he is LORD of the whole world, whether people acknowledge it or not. ”... let the prodigals run home. Give me vision, i want to see your kingdom come, give me passion, to see the glory of your Son”.

I’m swinging more towards 4.5 stars for this album and maybe a 4.7 for their earlier album Heavenbound. The big themes of God’s love and telling the truth sweep all the way through. I recommend it defo… awesome head and heart music!

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