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September 02, 2005


Writing about web page

the babies are GORGEOUS!!!


July 15, 2005

i heart belfast

hey kids, here's what i've been up to today…

left to right...suzanne, stephen, roisin, fleur, and david. ah, belfast, what a city of culture!

window display of 'the holy shop'. yep, that's right. cathy, how much do you love this?

July 12, 2005

an irish interchange

i go downstairs with my head in my hands, attempting to drown out the sounds of the marching band which seems to be passing right outside my window

Mum (ridiculously chirpy): 'Morning! Tea pie?'
Me: 'Eh?'
Mum: 'Tea pie?'

mum reaches into the microwave to pull out a range of baked products - not microwaved, just in their packets, kept in the microwave - and hands me a fruit muffin. my dog looks from me to my mother in utter confusion.

July 09, 2005

going home…

well now!
this time tomorrow, i'll be on my way home to glorious northern ireland, home of such spectacular cultural events as this…

hey, it's the northern irish way!


brian kennedy, the people's hero

and this…

no, i don't know how this was allowed to happen either.

for those of you who are interested, more information about my wonderful home town of bangor can be found at the dubiously-titled which provides a delightful 'bangorscape', a birds-eye view, er, painting of the town; and maps to local beauty spots such as donny's hot food takeaway and the springhill attended car wash. more from this 'luxury maritime resort' very soon!

March 30, 2005

'titanic: the musical', and more

well now, all is grand here, and to the list of bizarre things i've seen in peoples' gardens this week i can add… ONE HERD OF ELEPHANTS. well, admittedly they weren't in someone's garden, but they were in a field. northern ireland really needs to sort that wild animals legislation business out. went to a really cool storytelling event in the ulster museum earlier which reaffirmed my faith in northern irish culture – although i have to add that the non-ironic titanic celebrations have hit a low which can only be described as overwhelmingly stupid with THIS offering…

jesus. anyway, in my attempt to avoid such nonsensical tat, all i can do, as a child of the twentieth century, is to watch television. therefore, last night, i had my debut viewing of 'marathon man', and a myriad of reactions to it. unfortunately, my brain cannot cope with any kind of spy / espionage / conspiracy theme in cinema. it's why i could never get on with james bond films. i also don't understand war movies…. i just can't tell who's on which side, and if there's any kind of double-crossing going on, i'm totally lost. i'm fully aware that i sound like an idiot, but it's true. so my reactions to 'marathon man' were something along these lines…..

guh…why did that old man just drive into a truck? what? diamonds? i don't understand. what's that got to do with roy scheider? whose side is he on? who's the japanese guy? i thought this was about nazis.

well, i still don't understand what's going on, and that fight scene was totally ridiculous. who's killing who now? i don't know. but i'm taking some small comfort in the fact that i'm sharing a haircut and a jumper collection with dustin hoffman, cos he's totally the man.

well, my lifelong icon laurence olivier just showed up, so it's going to get more clear i'm certain. no…he's just going to cut his hair into a frying pan. hmm. what? who killed who? is it safe? what? urgh…dental equipment…he's not really…urgh!!!

now i'm totally confused. all the people that i thought were dead weren't really dead. and is his girlfriend supposed to be a nazi or whatever? has EVERYONE betrayed everyone else??

that ending with the 'eat the diamonds' bit really sucked. i'm totally none the wiser, and fairly nonplussed.

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