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February 20, 2006

New York photos

Follow-up to Sweden photos from Talking Behind the Psychic's Back

Now I'm on a roll with the old scanning malarky, have also updated the New York gallery
Go and check it out!

New York taxis

Sweden photos

Well now! I've just put up a bunch of photos from the holiday which Fleur and I took to Sweden a couple of weeks ago. The dude at the photo processors cut them a bit wacky, but I like it. Some of them are taken with an ActionSampler (takes four pictures per print with a delay between each), some with a Fisheye camera (the curvy ones) – both available from the amazing site
As always, I'd appreciate any feedback! Hope you like them – check out the Gallery here for all pics. Here's a sample of some of my favourites.


The Narnia-esque landscape!


The Church behind our hotel.


A ride at the Stockholm fairground – abandoned for the winter!


Fleur and I, near our hotel.

Me jumping

Me jumping like a loon.

Hope you like them!

October 02, 2005

new pictures!

okay, i've finally (after almost two years) got around to uploading some of the photos from my phone. there are some more shots in the 'friends and family' and 'safari' galleries, and here are some of my favourite instances of urban grim…

The cultural centre that is Bangor

here's a couple of pictures from my delightful home town, that well-known maritime resort of good old bangor. the fact that this is one of the town's shopfronts may explain a lot about public perceptions of northern ireland.

hmm. now, a few years ago a statue was commissioned in bangor center. this statue was intended to encapsulate the true spirit of the town and its people. eagerly, we awaited the unveiling of this masterwork; only to find that it was, in fact, a statue of a man holding a pastie. i'm deadly serious.

such talk of pastry-related items leads me neatly on to…

The cultural centre that is the Midlands

no further comment necessary.
now, if you wish to experience true midlands culture, you really must come to canley, home to such luxurious boutiques as this:

to events such as this:

and to suggested cake toppings such as this, apparently an image of fred and rosemary west.

my god.

September 30, 2005

but what about BABY?

well now, well now, much news!
firstly, i've copied some CSS from natalie jazzed up my blog a little (sorry natalie, i totally ripped you off) which is quite exciting. hope it's still easy to navigate. gordon random, you mad old coot my sweet darling, your entries are tagged so that the blog will make a bit more sense – just tag them yourself when you write a new one.
secondly, here's my news! i've just returned from an awesome trip to dublin which encompassed the usual ratio of shopping and eating pizza to culture and being knocked over by mad people. i had a very cool time and was able to meet this rather nifty tiger-ish type:

also, however, i have fallen under the curse of sudoku, which is the current craze of my parents and, so it seems, THE ENTIRE WORLD. leaping onto the bandwagon a little too late is always painful, and my brain is only just starting to cope with this madness, as you can see:

warning: attempting sudoku puzzles may cause a small irish man to grow from the top of one's head

anyway, more news tomorrow!

September 26, 2005

in case of an emergency the ship can be piloted from the gunnery nose

well now, this is just an old picture i found of bangor west railway station last christmas. if anyone else recognises this plaintive view i would be very interested to hear from them!

a photograph of a penguin

here is a picture of a silly penguin which i took, recently.

silly penguin!

July 10, 2005

photo retrospective alert!

hey, look at these photos i just found…these are my parents…

this shot of my dad and i is one of my favourite photos ever

yeah, that's right!

good times, good times

how they all laughed!

November 18, 2004

Good times…

…good times

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