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October 02, 2005

no animals were harmed in the production of this production

….this appears to be a photo of a meditating cat!


Smashing, Basil. A pimp–mobile

… Austin Powers eat your heart out!

if you look close enough you will see that this in fact a very drunk crazy woman (possibly Spanish but nationality unclear) attempting to manouver her three wheeled milkfloat-type car in her drive!!!


September 30, 2005

there are over 50 calls in the last three months to a robert whiting

Fridge poetry:
where there is a distinct lack of any sophisticated words or any that end in "ed"

Now if I was an angst filled 15-year old who liked James Blunt I would write something like this

drum roll please, nervous cough

Poetry Emotion: Angst

Intoxicated with cruel malice
Pardon the rift that strikes through
And makes my mind speak fatigued & absent
woven together into a fragile wisp of sorrow
I embrace the dust of you

don't laugh, I mean every word of it

if you laugh I will cry and weep into my pillow, and beat my breast and tear my hair

And good old images to be found on the internet came up with this extraordinary whimsy under the search "Angst"

very, very scary.


September 25, 2005

well it's hardly worth the portrait gallery

to my lovely eim

(all the other readers – boik)

September 24, 2005

hey, hey, we can all sleep at night now

Follow-up to just me and my trusty umbrella from Talking Behind the Psychic's Back

well look what i found when i deigned to hoover the front room!!!

oh it's so wacky

more misplaced in an alcoholic haze than lost

(Eim – come online!!!!)

September 19, 2005

while the cat's away…..

…off working in that glamourous job, I've a hot date with this guy

let's consider.........

Jean-Paul S is calling tomorrow. Mine's milk, no sugar


September 15, 2005

club tropicana drinks are free

Follow-up to hey! who's drivin' this flyin' umbrella? from Talking Behind the Psychic's Back

no they're not, NO they ARE NOT

look out of the pissy window for piss sakes


then again, in my spare time I do like to ride horses

tally ho!

(sorry, another non-eim entry)

hey! who's drivin' this flyin' umbrella?

Follow-up to just me and my trusty umbrella from Talking Behind the Psychic's Back

ok ok, the sun is now out. But those small milk pot things still make me feel sick

just me and my trusty umbrella

….well in a cruel twist of fate I find myself on a very very wet Thursday afternoon with no umbrella. Having lost it in a Sinead O'Connor whiskey induced haze on Saturday night, somewhere between a large house in Leam, Eim's car and my own front room.

(no I'm not Eim, she is currently at work having clawed, sweaty hands buy 'value goods' which apparently once involved someone paying with a used plaster. More updates from Eim later)

on another note, the smell of the contents of these

really makes me feel quite sick

another quick poll then – what makes you want to retch and hurl just from a mere sniff???

September 05, 2005

RIP Mr Mitch

now we wouldn't want to suggest the kids next door were getting hungry, but…............

with heavy hearts and saddened faces we report the recent death of Mitch Ryder (and the Detroit Wheels) Carassius auratus

we would like to suggest a minute's silence across the blogging world on Wednesday 7th September at midday, for you all to have the opportunity to show your respect for this fine golden creature. Although he led a short life he brought vitality and happiness to all who watched and swam with him, he will be sadly missed in his home of the submarine-in-the-fish-tank-on-top-of-the-chest-of-drawers-in-eim's-room-in-canley.

Diana Ross and the Supremes and Martha Reeves and the Vandellas miss their fine swimming companion.

a funeral will take place soon

donations to be sent to The Shevonites Home for Retired Goldfish

flowers accepted but only yellow marigolds

he was loved like one of our own

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