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January 03, 2006

Freshblood Panto TOMORROW and Thurs!

I'm back!....But more of that later.

Here's hoping you had a fantastic Christmas, and letting you know of a rather entertaining way to start the new term…come on now, you're not really going to go to your lectures on Wednesday the 4th and Thursday the 5th, so why not come along to the slightly-belated FRESHBLOOD PANTO at 1pm in the Cooler on either – or both – days? Prolong that Christmassy feeling a little bit more by shouting 'oh no he isn't!' at the cast and crew of Chris Carter and Eimear Ballard's 'Tossford Park', the new show from your favourite society. 'Tossford Park' is a dark murder mystery with several twists – a host of bizarre characters are invited to a dinner party, only to discover their host to be sadly deceased. Who should they suspect first? The undeniably insane Mister Extreme, the murderously irritating Warwick Blogs, or possibly even the dubious Detective Inspector Jack Shitt himself? There's only one way to find out…

'Tossford Park', Weds 4th and Thurs 5th, the Cooler, 1pm.
See you there!

May 12, 2005


alrite guys, if you want to take a break from revision, this is the one to take.

Freshblood Theatre presents 'Noir Way Out', a new play by Tom Steward.
A gang of dejected misfits and small-time hoods wander aimlessly through a pop culture universe, haunting by repressed pasts and unable to escape their fates. In a gloriously bloody pantomime, toy guns start to smoke, fantasies disintegrate into booze and lies and the undertaker stays in business. Death is an inevitable part of life…and a great word to put in titles!

'Noir Way Out' is a theatrical pastiche of pulp cinema and popular culture drawing on film noir, horror and science-fiction. A suspense thriller shot through with knowing self-reference. Light but sinister, unreal but potent, clever but cruel. An experience like no other. 'Noir Way Out' will be performed on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of May, in the Cooler, at 2pm. Price £3.50 Freshblood members, £4 non-members.

it's got a little bit of everything you'd expect from a classic noir – double-crossing, intrigue and paranoia… as well as a little bit extra in the shape of drug addiction, elvis, dysfunctional psychotherapists and crazed movie fanatics; not to mention BLOOD-DRENCHED MASSACRE. so come along..!

March 10, 2005

Freshblood event this Sunday

please come along to the freshblood CABARET OF CABARETS this sunday, in sip (regent st., leamington) to see the best musical, comedy and theatrical acts handpicked from this year's performers… confirmed acts include The Carter Manoeuvre, The Great Lakes and more… it'll be compered by my own self and will be a fairly formal affair, from what i can gather, so put on the ritz and come along!

Cabaret of cabarets…this sunday 13th march, sip coffee shop (regent street, leamington spa), from 7.30pm. entry £2 (members), £2.50 (non-members). it's going to be ace!

February 18, 2005

'Real Men Don't Use Porn'...reminder

well kids, DO NOT FORGET to come and watch this…

Rejection. Humiliation. Masturbation.

In Freshblood's controversial new black comedy Real Men Don't Use Porn, three characters enact a confused and cruel love triangle. Power games abound as a children's entertainer in clown make-up, his ex-girlfriend and an arrogant macho bastard try to work out just what sex, relationships and even love actually mean. Written by Chris Carter and directed by Eimear Ballard (the team behind this year's Panto), the performances are on Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd February (Week 8) at 1pm in The Cooler.

Warning: This play contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature and should not be seen by anyone with their head stuck in the 1940s.

(nb. There will be a Warwick Anti-Sexism Society Q&A session with Carter and myself after the first performance on Monday for anyone who's interested).
Don't miss this one…

January 27, 2005

Real Men Don't Use Porn…etc

alrite kids,
just to let you all know in advance that the 21st and 22nd of feb will see the debut of chris carter's play 'Real Men Don't Use Porn', produced by Freshblood Theatre, in the Cooler. so please do come along…cos it'll be class.

You're an idiot.

Secondly, this bonzai kitten website is so clearly NOT REAL that it is absolutely impossible for me to believe that people are protesting about the cruelty it supposedly encourages. for god's sake. look at it! have you not heard of photoshop?
sorry, my housemate ate all my cheese and i'm feeling a bit riled.

December 03, 2004


so, next term, here's what's coming up…
– Friday and Saturday Week Two – PLAY IN A DAY
– Sunday Week Two – NEW MUSIC NIGHT
– Saturday Week Four – COMEDY AND SKETCH NIGHT
– Friday Week Five – CIRCUS DAY (don't tell me it won't work, i don't want to hear it!)
– Sunday Week Seven – POETRY, STORYTELLING AND MONOLOGUE NIGHT (god's sake. it's louisa's idea)
– Sunday Week Nine – THE BIGGEST CABARET YET!!

as well as two or three plays of course! so GET WORKING on your plays, comedy, circus malarkies, poetry and more!


alrite kids!
well, i thought i should use this blog malarky as a bit of a forum to publicise FRESHBLOOD THEATRE. good stuff.
well now. freshblood is warwick's only student-written drama society, providing all of you lot with the opportunity to write, act, direct, produce…whatever you like! next term we've got so much stuff coming up it'll make your eyes explode. first up, in WEEK TWO we'll be having our annual PLAY IN A DAY event. get writing your short plays now and in week two we'll assign you a production team and cast…and madness will ensue, no doubt. whichever of the shorts is considered the best by the Freshblood exec will get full society backing to be developed into a full-length play and shown in term two or three, which you've got to admit is pretty ace! initial play in a day meeting will be FRIDAY WEEK TWO and the show will be on SATURDAY afternoon. here's some suggested titles to whet your appetite…give these a go or come up with your own!
'I am the Prince of Gambia'
'Back to School'
'The Death of Art'
'History Today'
'Cake Slice'
'What I did on my Gap Year'
'Tombs and Monuments'
'A Day in the Life of Che'
'Villagers Eat Lion'
email us on for some more info!

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