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June 09, 2005

babycakes, you just don't know



June 07, 2005

sad car news

both of the front doors of my car have now officially given up opening, and the back two can only be opened from the inside. hence, it is now only possible to enter my car from the boot.

June 06, 2005

we both know that i'm training to be a cage fighter

well now, well now! what a weekend, indeed!
after going all al pacino at the impending prospect of my dissertation…

…everything shaped up to be pretty damn ace, although i've got much road movie-esque catching up to do. friday night was awesome; carter commented quite aptly on entering our 'lounge' to find myself, holly cruise and blogden playing gin rummy, that it was 'like waking up inside warwick blogs'; much fun was to be had apart from THE DEMISE OF THE TOASTER – you guys know just how much that'll be missed with a certain housemate around…watch out, blogden…

…you'll be all right so long as you avoid the hirsute chesham resident. and i'll give you a clue – it's not carter.

saturday night was nick's party in earlsdon and then the deli party which i left after a shopping trolley was thrown onto the bonfire over which some young sprites were leaping in glee, 'wicker man'-style. now i am left ravaged and broken by the grandest push-through yet and i'm away home to my bed. having said that, if anyone's up for the 'pilot' night in the bath place community workshop tonight, give me a bell. good!



June 03, 2005

my latest side project

what will i be teaching?

i think you know!


i just forgot the number for 911

a blog entry detailing my latest sexual exploits?

i wouldn't dream of it!

well now!
this week has primarily been spent in watching a bunch of dissertation-related rrrrrroad movies which range in calibre from the very good ('the texas chainsaw massacre' remake – highly recommended) to the bizarre ('dead end', the tone of which i still can't quite figure out) to the absolutely piss poor (britney spears' 'crossroads' – what was i thinking?). in an attempt to jump on the post-exam-bandwagon despite having no exams myself and being little more than a sleazy, lecherous postgrad attempting to retain 'down with the kids' status, i've attended several parties, also ranging in calibre, and i've completely lost track of what day it is. after some rather dodgy occurences, two minor crises, one viewing of 'lady chatterley' and only one particularly embarrassing encounter, wednesday night shaped up to be pretty damn ace, and last night was particularly class as i went to the unreal coriander cd launch party to see the corianderfolk rock out in a truly awesome fashion. lots of nice warm fuzzy feelings were engendered by the collaborative nature of the entire project and as always the band sounded tighter than a mouse's ear.

also, toni tornado is so fucking cool.

tomorrow night…
deli party or union party?

June 01, 2005

maxxed out like a credit card

"You know, if you said 'mallard' and you had a cold, it would sound like 'Ballard'" - Peter Griffin, 'Family Guy'.

do you have 5? of course you have 5!

then you should go to fopp and buy 'sha sha' by ben kweller. i'm not kidding.

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