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June 28, 2005

if you've had an accident at work which wasn't your fault…

is it just me, or is the recent spate of adverts for 'national accident helpline', or whatever it's called, particularly galling? the latest one features some ludicrously stupid woman claiming expenses after dropping a load of bottles. now, maybe my logic's skewed, but to my mind that's her fault, and she should be the one paying for it. nevertheless, these companies certainly aren't going to go away, especially not now that they've truly extended their appeal by offering the possibility of claims received after communication by text message, for god's sake. therefore, the only potential means by which to amend this situation is to tax the stupid. a stupid tax would ensure a nice safe buffer of money from which can be extracted all the ludicrously high amounts of compensation given to these idiots for pain endured whilst stabbing oneself in the face, therefore leaving the rest of us free to get on with it.

sorry, tv at the moment is making me go all right-wing.

June 27, 2005

jobs? jobs? jobs??

i'm keeping my fingers crossed for the post of 'entertainer' at a well-known tour company's 'holiday village'.

end of year, blah blah blah

well now!
so, i guess i'm going to need to join the warwick graduates association or something to keep this blog. i think i will, though. it's been a good thing to have this year – and i genuinely cannot believe the year's gone so quickly. anyway, though, none of that maudlin bewilderment on here. yes, we're moving out of chesham, one of history's greatest metaphors; but i don't know if that's really such a bad thing. my compadre carter and i will still be around in canley for a good while yet, and my having recently met someone completely ace is another good reason for me to be hanging out in leamington during the next academic year. the summer is stretching ahead a little bit though, as i'll be around here for the next two months writing my dissertation, so if anyone else is about and fancies hooking up at some point, do drop me a line (not you, holly cruise. i know your sort).

in other news…
warwick students ironically mourn the death of richard whiteley

June 23, 2005

ten posts in one day?

falls back in chair exhausted

a bit of an in–joke…

i doubt it!


okay, firstly, look at this.

is there any need – any need – for a festival called 'big gay out'?

my god.

what the hell does this mean?

talking of which, i also received this a couple of weeks ago.

Follow-up to look at this crap i just received in my email from Talking Behind the Psychic's Back

A plea from a sick little girl

Little Kimberly Anne is dying of a horrible tropical disease. Her goal,

before she passes into the Great Beyond, is to collect as many free America

Online disks as she can, to make the Guiness Book of Records. Her project

is being sponsored by the Wish-Upon-a-Star Foundation, which specializes in

fulfilling the final wishes of such sick little girls.

So, next time you get an unwanted AOL disk in the mail, don't throw it away!

Think of the sparkle it will bring to the eye of a dying child.


look at this crap i just received in my email

* *

* * *

* * * *

* How far *

* Is near, *

* And how near *

* Is far? *

* If you're *

* Looking up now *

* We see *

* The same *

* Star. *

* * * *

* * * —Jack Piatt

* *

When you have received this letter you have to keep it. This is
a love game played since 1887. You must copy this and give it to 7
friends within 5 days. On the fifth day drink a glass of water and say the
first and last name of a boy or girl and within 5 days he or she will ask
out or say "I love you". This is no joke. It has worked for years. If
you break this chain, you will have bad luck with boys or girls.

some of my favourite useless online tat

for those of you wishing to erode some of that hard brain crust following the exams, check out this website:

absolutely useless games and tat

or there's always

or why not adopt a useless blob? i did.

Adopt your own useless blob!

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