February 07, 2005

well now…

admittedly, i was feeling a bit melancholy when i last posted on here, and there's no point in that whatsoever, because there is nothing more dull than listening to someone whine on and on about nothing. so. from now on i will be talking positively about nothing in particular instead. such as…

that's correct. listen now.
19th feb is THE PARTY OF ALL PARTIES to celebrate the respective birthdays of barney, dave, and myself. it'll be upstairs in kelsey's and it'll be class, so come along, even if you only know me from reading my blog (unless you have developed an irrational hatred of me generated only by my whimsical words. god. i hope that's not true)
20th feb is MORE FRESHBLOOD MALARKY…erm…more details soon
21st and 22nd feb will be…the debut of REAL MEN DON'T USE PORN, in the cooler, probably at 2pm. if you go to one play this term, i don't blame you…i mean, go to that. GO TO IT.

that's about that really.
here's a picture of some chinese propaganda.

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  1. Yay! party!

    Hey Eimer, it's been a while since I've read here, but I've throughly enjoyed catching up! Hopefully I shall see you in person next saturday xxx

    13 Feb 2005, 11:12

  2. Roisin

    I know I should be posting this further down but I have a new entry for the catalogue of grim. I was in Loughborough KFC yesterday, in the world's longest queue (seriously, it didn't move for like 10 minutes) and the hideous chav couple in front of me were practically copulating. After 10 minutes queueing in a place called KFC, girl chav turned around to boy chav and said in all seriousness – "I think I'll have chicken and chips." CHRIST. Then they ordered the 14 piece variety bucket and got two extra sides, just between the two of them – it says on the board that it was suitable for a family of 6! I died inside, I tell you. I was queuing to get David food – clearly I don't eat in KFC, so I then got to sit in that black hole of chav and watch all of the awful soulless prats gorge themselves on enough fried chicken to feed a small nation. I hate this town, I swear to god I am losing the will to live here. Also, got into work today to be told I look Japanese (I am as Irish looking as they come, minus the red hair) and that my dress is that of an asian girl's aunt. I'm going to wear tracksuit bottoms and a big hoodie tomorrow! GAAAARRRHHHHH!

    14 Feb 2005, 13:46

  3. claire – looking forward to seeing you too mate – are you going to go chav or bourgeois?

    roisin – god in heaven.

    15 Feb 2005, 11:29

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