April 11, 2005

something that doesn't involve the word 'beige'

oops, i've already said it.
posting purely for the sake of posting and breaking the beige-related deadlock (christ, 2 beiges already. no, 3!!!) i'm going to write an entry entirely dedicated to the wonderful, wonderful band lucky jim and thank them personally for their song 'our troubles end tonight' which contains the lyric 'the pain of love is trivial, up in the cosmic flow.'
good work, lucky jim.

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  1. Gordon

    Oh heck, three comments in succession. Where is the donkey reference? Did I imagine that? Now all my previous comments look plain stupid. Eimear – you might have to edit out my four step Donkey's Anon post.

    11 Apr 2005, 18:48

  2. gordon random…
    what on earth are you talking about donkeys for?
    enough of that – more discussion of our brief non-encounter please. firstly, if i remember correctly, you did tell carter that you'd give some sort of sign to identicate your presence if you caught a glimpse of us in the non-cybernetic world.

    now, i completely understand that you were starstuck and overawed by the divinity of our presence, but it seems to me that you failed to live up to your claim. mind you, if i'd seen someone waving their arms around and screaming at me in leamington, i wouldn't have skipped a beat, as it happens on a highly regular basis.
    but anyway; by some sort of proxy forfeit system which my brain has just invented, i think you owe us a clue to your identity. it's the least you can give me before i promise myself over to this elopement.

    12 Apr 2005, 11:39

  3. Gordon R

    I'm positive I read an insult about donkey's on here. Maybe it was on another blog and I got confused – which happends a lot. Or maybe you had to edit it out as someone complained – boo hoo sniff sniff.As I regularly insult myself nothing really affects me. Actually think I'll insult myself this Friday in a comical complete loon with self-directed tourettes way.

    A clue you want is it? Well I shall have to think about that one. I would have given you a sign the other day but I was trying so hard not to start laughing like aforementioned loon. Guess I could have winked but that would have been overly sleazy.I think 'wrong colour herring' was the best clue so far…............

    12 Apr 2005, 11:51

  4. hey, i would have loved a nice wink, and it would have stemmed the flow of the paranoiac feelings which i will no doubt soon be experiencing. i bet you're looking at me right now, aren't you?

    p.s. just out of curiosity, who would you rather elope with? i'm more than happy to elope with you but i can't see any more of chris carter's face. his spindly bones dig into me.

    12 Apr 2005, 11:58

  5. elopement / spindly bones-related comments please!

    12 Apr 2005, 12:11

  6. Gordon R

    Ohh miss, you are demanding. And you just called me a tease on Miss Bowden's blog!

    So hmmm, elopment and spindle comments. Having a vague spindly look about me myself I'd be inclined not to stand too close to Carter. Otherwise there could be a xylophone sound effect as our bones crack against each other. But then that look he had on his face of complete perplexity, confusion and general lost-ness sort of endears me to him. Can't we just take him along with us but hide him under a blanket? After all we need someone to choose the CDs as we speed a long in the elopment boat (and it is truely speedy).
    I can't see you right now so you are safe. What can I see….?? Conference delegates – bleeeeeeeeurgh. A small bird. A wasp – yikes, run!! A tall man. Oh my, another man with silly long hair. And… a book by Giddens (golly – I'm soooooo well read)

    12 Apr 2005, 12:26

  7. it's true – it's true. i AM demanding. i like being complimented and i've got no more time left for spindling around faffing. i've done so much of that already.
    carter can come along, but we're going to have to gag him or something. i can't listen to his voice any more.
    where are you? i'm in the learning grid and i can see a lot of people wearing pink.

    12 Apr 2005, 12:37

  8. Gordon R

    Learning Grid? Think that gives me a headache if I pass there. Something to do with the electricity forces left over from its previous owners. Pink, think Pink as Miss Adrienne would say. Well I say, think HERRING!

    12 Apr 2005, 12:41

  9. as in red herring?

    12 Apr 2005, 12:42

  10. Gordon R

    Ohhhhhhh, clever monkey. (am I giving too much away now??I quite like having an alter ego to hide behind)

    12 Apr 2005, 12:49

  11. ah…
    no, you're definitely not giving too much away. i don't think you could give away much less. but does that imply that i'm about to make some grand discovery of your identity?

    how intriguing!

    12 Apr 2005, 12:55

  12. Gordon R

    must take brief pause to do some work

    12 Apr 2005, 12:58

  13. guh!

    12 Apr 2005, 12:58

  14. Gordon R

    So the herring clue isn't enough? I shall go and ponder on an even more obscure clue while I have my lunch. (ha ha, now Eimear will be running round all food outlets on campus!!!!)

    ps – I don't LOOK like a herring, let's just establish that

    12 Apr 2005, 13:47

  15. the herring clue signifies absolutely nothing! whaddya mean, herring?

    12 Apr 2005, 13:51

  16. see…if i don't actually KNOW you, then your clues have no effect. but by your 'red herring' bit, you seem to be implying that if i work out this puzzle, i'll realise who you are.
    i think you might just be a figment of my imagination.

    12 Apr 2005, 14:08

  17. hang on hang on hang on.
    did you go to abandon last night? ahhhh…
    i know who you are!

    12 Apr 2005, 14:38

  18. Gordon R

    ????? See my last comment

    12 Apr 2005, 14:39

  19. yeah, psshhh, i know who you are. you're the girl with red hair who likes carter's shoes

    12 Apr 2005, 14:40

  20. Carter

    You've been fucking RUMBLED, babe!

    12 Apr 2005, 14:41

  21. Gordon R

    Hmmm have you been receiving assistance on this matter? That could be considered cheating and therfore disqualification from the grand prize. Before I can either confirm or deny this I think you should explain your logic.

    12 Apr 2005, 14:44

  22. well, okay, i don't KNOW it myself, because i wasn't at abandon. but your 'red herring' clues combined with carter's mentioning of an elusive redheaded young lady leads me to believe that i may be onto something…

    it was professor plum, in the library, with the candleholder!
    i got you, rube, ah? ah?

    12 Apr 2005, 14:46

  23. Gordon R

    Abandon? Ce qui est ceci?

    But elusive I like, which granted I am. As Gordon has resolutely strived to be.

    12 Apr 2005, 14:51

  24. my god.

    i'm right though, ah?

    12 Apr 2005, 14:52

  25. Gordon R

    I'm deciding whether to string this along some more. So we had the red herring clue, but let's think about this. I could be a red indian, I could be dressed all in red, I could be a tomato grower. Or I could have red hair. But then consider how many people actually do and that narrows it down to about 2% of the campus population. Then consider how many of this 2% could have gone to abandon(?), and I'm sure that a clever mathematical sum would suggest that you have a 0.0023% of having got the right answer.

    12 Apr 2005, 14:57

  26. ahhhh, i knew i'd got you. still, having said that, i've not actually SEEN you yet. but i will.
    oh yes!
    i will.

    12 Apr 2005, 15:02

  27. Gordon R

    I've yet to confirm your guesses. And even if you do know who I am, you don't know WHO I am (and anyone reading this who does know me, bog off – your're not allowed to play)

    12 Apr 2005, 15:07

  28. hmmmmm.
    that's true.
    still though, i'll come and speak to you next time. unless you really don't want me to, and you'd rather maintain this harmless electronic pseudo-flirtatiousness.
    which is fine by me!

    12 Apr 2005, 15:11

  29. Gordon R

    I'm loving the fact that you will be approaching complete strangers with red hair and asking them if they are Gordon!!! Oh man, if I could be a fly on the wall and see that.

    12 Apr 2005, 15:19

  30. gordon random…
    you're too much!

    13 Apr 2005, 12:05

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