March 24, 2005

some instant entertainment for you to try at home…

are you in the same predicament as me?
at home for easter?
parents already told you at christmas that they didn't like your haircut?
kind of starting to wish you'd kept in touch with a few more people from school?

well, problem solved!
to make yourself laugh like a blurry lunatic who's just taken over the asylum…

…all you have to do is…

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  1. That dog is so cool.

    24 Mar 2005, 23:17

  2. thanks mate!
    that's my buddy benjamin dog. his teeshirt says 'I LOVE CHIPS'. it's funny cos it's true.

    24 Mar 2005, 23:46

  3. Where can I acquire a dog from at this time of night?

    25 Mar 2005, 00:42

  4. random again

    better than putting a teeshirt in your dog!

    ps – is your dog related to basil brush???

    25 Mar 2005, 10:45

  5. holly – you can come over to northern ireland and borrow my dog. he's pretty easy-going that way.

    random – who are you?? i must know! reveal yourself!

    25 Mar 2005, 12:05

  6. Can I borrow him and turn him into Haribo Tangfastics?


    25 Mar 2005, 12:16

  7. that's about the level of humour i'd expect from you, you dismally unfunny bastard

    25 Mar 2005, 12:39

  8. WHAT?! I OBJECT to that, ma'am, on the grounds that I am a former WARWICK STUDENT and I shouldn't have to TAKE SUCH ABUSE!

    I'm telling Equal Opps on you.

    25 Mar 2005, 12:47

  9. On second thoughts, I'm calling the Fashion Police. There's a warrant out on your jumper collection.

    25 Mar 2005, 12:48

  10. Roisin

    Ach look at him – look at him he's so cute I want t squeeze his face off! Carter is one to talk about your jumpers – at least they fit you (Carter, in September I am buying you a new coat) I'm at home and tired and bored but we have a new puppy and his name is Paddy (I know) and he's so cute too – also, I totally knew you were a beagle puppy Eim because it is the best one on the poster you gave me, and you're my best friend's best friend's very best friend (but you wouldn't know them, they're my best friends)

    25 Mar 2005, 14:33

    he's your next-door neighbour, you wouldn't know him.

    25 Mar 2005, 16:08

  12. Roisin

    He dances down the street in a kaftan made from the softest baby hair but even though he is my best friend in London, he won't talk to me, the bastard. You wouldn't know him though, he's MY best friend

    26 Mar 2005, 15:16

  13. best friends?
    why don't you just take them!!

    27 Mar 2005, 03:21

  14. Roisin

    Best friends never did anything for me, wouldn't even give me a first! Bastards kicked me in the stomach and left me here dying in the dust – I'm still waiting eim, but you're not here. Why aren't you here, you selfish bastard?!

    27 Mar 2005, 16:53

  15. i dunno mate… but i'm really not sure where i could be all this time. perhaps i'm stuck waiting for a bus or something?

    27 Mar 2005, 19:55

  16. Moi

    Poor dog in a tee shirt, have you no shame girl

    27 Mar 2005, 23:06

  17. Still, better than that than a Haribo wrapper, eh?!

    Oh, come on, dogs have never done anything for me – why don't we just kill them?!

    28 Mar 2005, 11:01

  18. Roisin

    That's a fine excuse while I'm bleeding in the dust here, you're waiting on a bus to go and see all of MY best friends! Bastard! Anyway, I think Benjy looks pretty happy in his t-shirt, look at him smiling…and Carter's right (though I hate to admit it) it is better than a haribo tangfastics wrapper, and marginally better than Carter's coat.

    28 Mar 2005, 13:39

  19. Yeah, and infinitely better than your face of course. Touche!

    28 Mar 2005, 14:02

  20. what? that doesn't make sense

    29 Mar 2005, 13:02

  21. Yeah, like your face, Picasso.

    (The words "clutching" and "straws" spring to mind…)

    29 Mar 2005, 13:12

  22. what?
    i'm sorry…are you insulting my face, or suggesting that i should put my dog inside it?
    if you don't like my face, i suggest that you stop licking it.

    29 Mar 2005, 13:52

  23. I wish I was Matt Rogers (link)

    29 Mar 2005, 13:55

  24. i can't tell which one he is and which ones are the christophers. they're all morally depraved anyway, apparently

    29 Mar 2005, 13:58

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