March 01, 2006

Scooter – back in Ireland

Well now! Here I am, back in Ireland. All is well – my home town of Bangor is looking suitably incredulous, and my old school has transformed from what looked like a giant, flat plastic portacabin into a giant, plastic Church Of The 80s with an impossibly angled roof. Anyway – here's a couple more photos. I almost lost my calm facade of getting-very-close-to-the-faces-of-animals-to-take-photos-of-them-Doctor-Doolittle-style-if-he'd-had-a-camera-which-he-probably-didn't today, as a maniacal cat mauled my leg and took a bite out of my trainer when I took a picture of it. Maybe it was worried I'd stolen a part of its soul. Ah well – easy come, easy go, as they say in the world of cat photography.

Watch it cat!

Watch it horse!

Watch it again cat!

Waaatch it horse!!

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  1. Stunning! Gonna use the second one as my new background. And my old background was goooood. Do I need to send you any money?

    02 Mar 2006, 00:02

  2. Yes you do, yes you do! That'll be fifty groats please and TEN MILLION DOLLARS… no no no of course not – I'm so glad that you like them and it's very exciting to think they're actually in use like that…great!! I can't remember whether Fleur or I took that one, but as fledgling amateur photographers that is a great compliment. Thank you :-)

    02 Mar 2006, 00:06

  3. H-aaactually, if you'd like a higher resolution version of that or any other pic then let me know, I can send you over one when I'm back in the UK next week!

    02 Mar 2006, 00:10

  4. Goodness, that took some text-selecting to read your comments! Yeah, a higher resolution would be great, though the blurring resulting from the zooming adds to the summer afternoon feeling of the photo. I actually thought it was a cat staring into the distance and I hate cats – that's 1) how stupid I am 2) how much I liked the picture.

    02 Mar 2006, 00:21

  5. Cats are undoubtedly very evil! I'll send you a higher resolution one when I get back to my laptop next week. More similar stuff is at and
    So very glad that you like it! Makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere :-)

    02 Mar 2006, 00:25

  6. Fleur

    I think it's one of yours Eim. The horse puked up when I took photos of it.

    02 Mar 2006, 22:42

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