July 22, 2006

Said some Mouse made a fool of you

Well now… a month since my last blog entry, that's slacker than Alice. I have rather missed tippytappying away at my old keyboard so now that I've returned I have to say first of all a big thanks to everyone who came to the Lomo exhibition and to Heather, Helen and all the others who helped us to set it up – it was great fun and WSAF in general was a very cool week. Here's a summary update of the last month anyway…

– Going to Holland for a fantastic conference and feeling re–inspired all over again
– Visiting the beautiful Njimigen, Germany and Amsterdam all in one fell swoop

– Our choice of 'luxury accommodation' whilst in Amsterdam. I'm still a little twitchy
– Developing Meniere's Disease (it made Van Gogh cut off his ear! What fun!) whilst in Amsterdam, thus making the whole thing even more of a House of 1,000 Corpses–esque funfair than it probably appears for most visitors.

– Moving house very very very exciting!

– Frequent dizzy spellls making it rather difficult to view new houses whilst pretending not to be on the verge of apparent drunkenness

– Flip–clocks, miniature Mexican wrestlers, ice–cream sundae bowls, giant plastic spoons and all the other nonsense we picked up in Amsterdam

– Crowds and heat. Give it a rest!

– I very much enjoyed the surreal Midlands tropical Jamaica Inn–esque storm earlier which has cleared my dizzy head a good bit and which was a bizarre mixture of afternoon with night. Good work, Leamington!

Right, a blog about something more funny coming up soon. Very soon. Not in a month. Soon!

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  1. Cath

    My folks went to Njimigen today for a conference. Annoying part being, mother took the fake tan when she knew I was only half done with it. The napalm look is in right?

    Christ Eimear– can't you ever just be ill? Does it have to be a disease? Good luck with it at any rate.

    Give my love to Too–big–or–too–small–woman

    24 Jul 2006, 19:35

  2. Hooray! Are your parents at the university for the conference? It's maybe the same venue that we were at. Too–big–or–too–small woman appeared in the shop on Tuesday whilst I was having a severe bout of Munch–esque crazy Meniere's madness and also trying to cash up a till at the same time. She was screaming very loudly about handbags and having to get back in time for her tea so would I please find her a **ing handbag before SHE HAD TO GET *ING BACK FOR HER ***TEA (expletives deleted at my own request). It was truly, truly horrible. I'm still feeling weird but it's definitely getting better. I think.

    27 Jul 2006, 12:33

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