September 05, 2005

RIP Mr Mitch

now we wouldn't want to suggest the kids next door were getting hungry, but…............

with heavy hearts and saddened faces we report the recent death of Mitch Ryder (and the Detroit Wheels) Carassius auratus

we would like to suggest a minute's silence across the blogging world on Wednesday 7th September at midday, for you all to have the opportunity to show your respect for this fine golden creature. Although he led a short life he brought vitality and happiness to all who watched and swam with him, he will be sadly missed in his home of the submarine-in-the-fish-tank-on-top-of-the-chest-of-drawers-in-eim's-room-in-canley.

Diana Ross and the Supremes and Martha Reeves and the Vandellas miss their fine swimming companion.

a funeral will take place soon

donations to be sent to The Shevonites Home for Retired Goldfish

flowers accepted but only yellow marigolds

he was loved like one of our own

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  1. thanks to random for that!...

    one of my fish died :( and the others are acting weird.

    05 Sep 2005, 22:42

  2. I saw you.

    And you were smooching. Outside Tescos. How very common. :p

    (This is Dan, not silly Helen)

    05 Sep 2005, 23:23

  3. Konstantin

    I would like to offer my condolances for Mr Mitch Ryder's death on behalf of the entire Tsolakis family (ostracised German cousins included).

    Still. A question. If you were a porn star, what name would you choose to have?

    06 Sep 2005, 00:33

  4. Cathy


    This too shall pass….

    06 Sep 2005, 11:00

  5. Carter

    That's right. Everybody hurts, sometimes. So hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on…

    06 Sep 2005, 11:27

  6. Cathy

    that music video gives new emphasis to the saying "go play in traffic

    06 Sep 2005, 13:08

  7. Gordon R

    With Eim working in OCSET I have been brought down to previously unheard of levels of commoness. Now I don't want to appear a snob but…................ we all know Waitrose is best!

    06 Sep 2005, 14:29

  8. Konstantin

    Are there Waitroses in the West Midlands??? I didn't know they even existed before I came down to London! That's 5 years of Warwickshire for you…

    Random, what's your favourite drink?

    06 Sep 2005, 16:46

  9. Gordon R

    that would be Waitrose down south, my old stomping ground.

    hmmmm – favourite drink, well, coffee is consumed in vast quantities, other than that vast quantities of vodka, very good red wine and Pimms!!! (so southern). oops that's more than one favourite

    06 Sep 2005, 17:46

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