March 27, 2006

Photos: Holga 120

Here are the results of the first roll which Fleur and I shot on our brand new Holga:

Not quite a friend, but a Holga

These ones shot by Fleur:

Holga #1

Holga #2

Holga #3

Holga #4

And these by me:
Holga #5

Holga #6

Holga #7

Holga #8

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  1. Konstantin

    you've seen my pics
    what camera would you suggest to Kons?

    27 Mar 2006, 20:31

  2. Hello Kons! How on earth are you? If you're still into B+W I'd suggest a camera that gets some nice effects with that – the best vintage camera around for b+w in my opinion is the Zenit but they're pretty tricky to get hold of – try ebay. Otherwise, any chunky kind of old SLR like a Praktica (which I've used before and am quite a fan of). If you have a few spare £££ though, the LCA is the absolute dream - available on and ebay. I'd stick with 35mm, it's much less of a hassle to obtain and develop - but if you want to try 120 then the Holga, Diane, or a Bakelite camera are all nice. And apparently this is the best place for developing: link

    27 Mar 2006, 21:22

  3. Konstantin

    your pics are ace, Eim, there is one in particular I like from New Yawk, a shot of fire escapes on the facade of a brownstone…!
    Yay, I'm still a B+W boy, however, I do wanna experiment with colour… but colour with… character..? Digital is sooo boring I think and too… perfect, don't you reckon?
    The Holga pics have such a cool quality..!
    There's a shop near the British Museum that sells second hand manuals, I think I'm gonna visit it soon… :-)
    sooo many things to take pics of here in London…

    28 Mar 2006, 00:33

  4. They are indeed ace pics-look like they're straight outa the 70's!

    What are you up to at the mo, Eim? you gonna be in Leam anytime tomorrow? wanna go grab a coffee or something?

    29 Mar 2006, 08:49

  5. alex

    i like seeing that other people use a holga. it's imperfections have such beauty considered they are the result of a cheap, inconsistent plastic lens. and let's not forget those damned light leaks. but for those moody shots, theres nothing better. i like my 70's sears slr, i mean, it's no different from any other mid-priced slr from those days, but it's mine and special.

    23 Apr 2006, 21:53

  6. kip

    just wondering where you get your 120 film developed? thanks

    26 Apr 2006, 00:25

  7. Kip – I got those shots developed at the London Camera Exchange (top of the Parade in Leamington) but am gonna send my next rolls to Spectrum Imaging so will post results soon!

    01 May 2006, 14:56

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