February 16, 2006

PC World and all that is wrong with it

Well, well.
In prelude to the forthcoming entry on 'Tesco and all of its evilness', allow us to entertain you with the following.
Now, Random and I made a little trip over to P.C. World earlier today, in order to fulfill our relatively simple request for a new hard drive. Computer illiterate we may well be, but still, we expected service of the calibre promised to us by that stupid T.V. advert, with salespeople appearing from within our very bodies and handing us USB cables, frankincense and myrrh. Instead, what we received was something along these lines:

Fleur: 'Oh, hello. I was wondering if'-
P.C. World Employee: 'What?'
Fleur: 'Well -'
P.C. World Employee: 'No, sorry.'
Fleur: 'Oh.'


Fleur: 'Excuse me -'
P.C. World Employee: 'Not my section, mate.'
Fleur: 'Oh.'

Later still

Fleur: 'Can I just have a hard drive?'
P.C. World Employee: 'None in stock, mate.'
Fleur: 'But I just phoned you, and you said you had several.'
P.C. World Employee: 'What?'
Fleur: 'Do you have any?'
P.C. World Employee: 'There only is one, and you can't have it. It doesn't work.'
Fleur: 'Then why are you selling it?'
P.C. World Employee: 'Well, it does work, but you can't have it.'


Me: 'Do you have any scanners? I'm looking for a scanner, but not a printer, just a scanner on its own.'
P.C. World Employee: 'Say that all again.'
Me: 'Scanners?'
P.C. World Employee: 'Hmmm. Well there are two models available. One of them is much better than the other, and much cheaper.'
Me: 'Oh, so why is the other one more expensive?'
P.C. World Employee: 'You what?'
Me: 'Well, I'll have the cheaper one then please.'
P.C. World Employee: 'We haven't got any.'

Later still

Fleur: 'Look, can I just please have a hard drive?'
P.C. World Employee: 'You can't take that one, it won't work.'
Fleur: Oh. (to other P.C. World Employee) Will this hard drive work okay?'
P.C. World Employee: 'Yeah mate! No problem!'
Fleur: 'Oh. I'll have this then please.'
P.C. World Employee: 'Okay, but you can't take it out of the (plain unlabelled cardboard) box until you know it'll definitely work, cos we can't return it when the seal's broken.'
Fleur: 'Oh.'

In conclusion, then, the idyllic world promised to us by television is proven once again to be nothing but a falsehood. For this was what we expected:

PC World of falsehood

but this, dearest reader, is what we received.


For God's sake!!!

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  1. One of my friend's friends got turned away in a job interview once for them for being "too qualified" for the position as he got an A-Level in IT… so I can believe the type of people they employ. However, this is not always a bad thing – my speakers, RRP £150, £50 from them :) Next time I went they had noticed their mistake, and PCWorld'ed the price.
    These staff seem positively unwilling to help though.. not a good sign. I suggest ebuyer : they usually have good prices. Or any other net retailer :)

    16 Feb 2006, 18:56

  2. PC World aren't bad if you're looking for a complete system and you're not an experienced user or aren't comfortable with maintaining it yourself, due to the attractive price packages and multitude of finance options they can offer; however, I would warn anyone going looking for individual components, peripherals or software not to touch PC World with a bargepole. Their components are overpriced and the staff are, in my experience clueless. As Max said, ebuyer have good prices. I always get my components from Aria or Dabs and I've also bought stuff from Gladiator Computers as well.

    16 Feb 2006, 21:04

  3. Fleur

    shit, shit…but what about my hard drive??? I've been tainted by the stick of the devil….....

    16 Feb 2006, 21:26

  4. What exactly is the problem with it? If it's definitely broken, replacing a hard drive isn't hard.

    16 Feb 2006, 23:41

  5. Fleur

    It should be alright, thanks. The old one had the click of death and IT services told me it was botched so just to get a replacement universal one and they will install it. Easy as pie!!! We did get a scanner for a good price so all in all not a bad trip (except for the feeling of being stuck in a hyper-glossy vision of purgatory with incompetent staff who had small forked tails sticking out of their trousers – although the man who packed my bags at the end appeared to be the nicest of all of them).

    17 Feb 2006, 11:03

  6. god, if that is purgatory, imagine what hell is like…
    a bit like rainbows on a thursday, I'd say…

    17 Feb 2006, 14:02

  7. Fleur

    …. you're going to love it there!!!

    17 Feb 2006, 15:32

  8. purgatory, hell or rainbows on a thursday?

    17 Feb 2006, 19:04

  9. on the plus side, that was a very entertaining entry :)

    17 Feb 2006, 21:53

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