October 02, 2005

new pictures!

okay, i've finally (after almost two years) got around to uploading some of the photos from my phone. there are some more shots in the 'friends and family' and 'safari' galleries, and here are some of my favourite instances of urban grim…

The cultural centre that is Bangor

here's a couple of pictures from my delightful home town, that well-known maritime resort of good old bangor. the fact that this is one of the town's shopfronts may explain a lot about public perceptions of northern ireland.

hmm. now, a few years ago a statue was commissioned in bangor center. this statue was intended to encapsulate the true spirit of the town and its people. eagerly, we awaited the unveiling of this masterwork; only to find that it was, in fact, a statue of a man holding a pastie. i'm deadly serious.

such talk of pastry-related items leads me neatly on to…

The cultural centre that is the Midlands

no further comment necessary.
now, if you wish to experience true midlands culture, you really must come to canley, home to such luxurious boutiques as this:

to events such as this:

and to suggested cake toppings such as this, apparently an image of fred and rosemary west.

my god.

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  1. Yoko

    I remember those guns disturbing me somewhat! and what's funny about the pastie man was the worn down bit to the side of him that was perfect for someone's bum to sit in!

    02 Oct 2005, 15:45

  2. Heh – mate, when I get my camera phone I'll take a photo of Wanton Joe's and post it, good old Canley! When David and I went to Birmingham last weekend we found a shop called Tennerland. Nice! I love the shop in Bangor – are you going to get me a present from there? Present!!!

    02 Oct 2005, 17:39

  3. Oh, also….regarding the pasty statue man, in Loughborough town centre there is a statue of a fat man putting on a sock.

    02 Oct 2005, 17:39

  4. mate, i am not buying you a gun. but i do have some unbelievable norn iron tat which i think you're going to love!! am currently debating whether to run back to the 'northern-irish-memorabilia-and-vacuum-cleaner-repair-shop' and buy a 'memories of bangor' teatowel. hmm

    02 Oct 2005, 17:42

  5. Gordon R

    A sock!!! A sock!!! that's funny!

    Carter actually looks quite sweet in that photo up there. Is he aware of my impending visit tonight?

    02 Oct 2005, 17:57

  6. Yes, Random, I've let him know you're going to be here but he's working tonight, doing yet another welcome party type thingy.

    Eim. I've shamelessly followed on from your pics on my blog and Random, the sock man is there for your viewing pleasure. I don't want a gun but I would put a memories of Bangor teatowel on the wall – did you find me a proud to be a prod t-shirt?

    02 Oct 2005, 17:59

  7. Gordon R

    i'm sure he's devastated to miss me!

    02 Oct 2005, 18:02

  8. mate, unfortunately i cannot find such a tshirt anywhere :( but i have got you some similar accessories!!

    02 Oct 2005, 18:04

  9. Woo! Accessories are probably better anyway, I'm going to make myself a badge though I think :)

    02 Oct 2005, 18:04

  10. Cheshire Oaks shopping centre has a statue of a mother dragging an unwilling child to the shops. Tres bon.

    02 Oct 2005, 19:31

  11. oh christ. is that true?

    02 Oct 2005, 19:35

  12. heh, I can imagine that…that would fit in so well round here!

    02 Oct 2005, 19:42

  13. Yes, I wil get photographic evidence next time I go…

    02 Oct 2005, 20:02

  14. Actually Eim, looking at that cake, I think it's actually Peter Sutcliffe The Yorkshire Ripper, rather than Fred West, depicted on there. His lady friend may well be Rosemary West, you would never know.

    02 Oct 2005, 21:39

  15. Hehe, sometimes this world worries me!

    Hey Eimer, why have I not seen you for aaaaaaaaaaaages?!?! This must be rectified! One way would be for you to pop into the societies fair tomorrow after half 11, where I shall either be claiming "Bandsoc is not just for boys" or prancing around in a cloak with a sword claiming "LARPs is not just for geeks"!

    Alternatively text me and we'll figure out a much nicer way to catch up!

    03 Oct 2005, 08:45

  16. Yoko

    is that brazilian music I heard when I came onto your blog?

    03 Oct 2005, 11:49

  17. Yoko

    i just realized you can see our feet reflected in that gun photo!!

    03 Oct 2005, 14:32

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