April 02, 2005

learning grid? i love the learning grid!

"Ballard and Remington are strangely drawn to each other, and after a quick backseat fuck in an airport parking garage, they attend – in a jaw-dropping scene – a bizarre nighttime guerrilla theater where Vaughn and a stunt driver re-create (sans padding or helmets) the fatal 1955 crash of James Dean in his Porsche 555 Spider, the "Lil Bastard.""

that'll be the day!
remington, where are you?

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  1. Is it wrong to think the library a rather erotic place, after 8pm?

    Anyone who doesn't can meet me in the disabled toilets near the SRC.

    02 Apr 2005, 21:13

  2. library??! no no no, learning grid is where it's at!

    02 Apr 2005, 21:24

  3. The Learning Grid is far too open-plan to have any illict, knee-trembling trysts. Unlike near the Large Print Maps.

    02 Apr 2005, 21:29

  4. ah…but…surely its open-planness is its very allure. it invites feelings of almost al fresco-isity, if you will. what you could possibly be doing in the library at such an unsociable hour is anyone's guess. the grid is a veritable party centre and you should get on the debauchery bus before it heads out of town. admittedly, that won't be until at least 12.30.


    02 Apr 2005, 21:31

  5. good comedy skills on your blog, by the way. is the pope really, actually dead??? damn learning grid cutting me off from civilization!!

    02 Apr 2005, 21:33

  6. Sadly I'm not in my beloved cruising spot-and-place to read philosophy books. Look behind you – and I won't be there either.

    Yep, the Pope has only bloody gone and died. Wasn't in that much of a rush to be at one in the Beatific Vision. Maybe he knew Heaven isn't what it's cracked up to be.

    02 Apr 2005, 21:46

  7. ah well…that's the end of that then. news of the pope's death has turned me right off any imaginings of trysts anyway.
    typical pope, spoiling it for the rest of us!
    philosophy, eh?

    02 Apr 2005, 21:48

  8. I don't do it for fun; they make me read it.

    02 Apr 2005, 21:57

  9. that's not much good. did you have to do that pissing Logic module?
    still, probably not quite so mickey mouse as film studies, eh!...

    02 Apr 2005, 22:01

  10. Yes I did, and it pissed all over my lovely (what-was-then-my-soon-to-be) pink hair. No matter how much shampoo I used, I couln't wash that stench RAA left.

    Film is cool because I am a fawning toady of the second year Film/Lit set. I love you all, but I love the smug feeling of reading Hegel in public more.

    02 Apr 2005, 22:12

  11. i had a corridor-mate studying logic in first year…it looked like the end of the world. film is grand…maybe not so cool if you've been here studying it for FOUR YEARS
    so, is this to be the year of our grand romance?

    02 Apr 2005, 22:14

  12. With the death of the Pope – I don't think I could love anyone, anymore

    02 Apr 2005, 22:19

  13. dammit, that line never works, and now i've eaten way too many skittles and i can feel my heart beating. the pope is offputting i admit. do you need consolation? i know i do.

    02 Apr 2005, 22:22

  14. so alone.
    in the learning grid.

    02 Apr 2005, 23:03

  15. Sorry: I went to throw myself into the abyss, in my despairing.

    It spat me back out. The fucker.

    02 Apr 2005, 23:50

  16. don't blame you. are you still on campus? that's dedication…i'm flagging hugely, but have to stick around to pick up 'top banana dj and funny man chris carter' later. what's your excuse?

    02 Apr 2005, 23:59

  17. I've pulled a terrible charade, it seems. I am really in my dressing gown and slippers in South London. That's why I was so speedy to report the Pope's passing: Greenwich is the first place to be told anything.

    03 Apr 2005, 00:06

  18. jesus. that's crazy talk. the only excuse for this obsessive internet abuse is campus-related madness. surely it must all be going on in south london!

    03 Apr 2005, 00:11

  19. speaking of 'charade', though, i agree with you about the movie. it's mancini that makes it for me.

    03 Apr 2005, 00:15

  20. right, i'm away! thanks be to all things holy. no tryst for us, but maybe next time, eh. have a cool night!

    03 Apr 2005, 00:41

  21. Gordon

    Ok what the heck. One more post after putting my ring tailed friends to bed downstairs. Just unite with me on this but – I think I just found a post about Hawaiian postage stamps???? Did I miss something? Was I momentarily transported to another planet where Haiwaiian stamps are interesting, nay, positively exciting? Really now, did I miss the point, was there some comical irony in that?

    03 Apr 2005, 02:26

  22. There was none. Most people at Warwick are beige cunts whose grasp of irony extends only as far as purchasing a 'Button Moon' poster.

    04 Apr 2005, 14:03

  23. Gordon

    Button Moon = possible rhyming slang for "moronic spoon"??

    04 Apr 2005, 14:45

  24. Remington

    I've found you baby!!!
    Let's hot foot it to the airport carpark right now!!!

    – the engine's running….........

    08 Aug 2005, 16:21

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