September 02, 2005

it took a lot of courage to step in front of that plasma bullet

well now!
apologies for the lack of posting over the last few days. i've been pretty much house-bound by one of the lamest complaints ever, even by my standards…

i have housemaid's knee

that's right, my kneecap reached watermelon-like proportions over the last few days, but a long period of lying on the sofa watching re-runs of 'average joe' appears to have aided its restoration process, and i'm hopping along quite nicely now.
sorry, the next bit has to be staff/student viewable only. i've already incriminated myself enough on this thing…

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  1. Roisin

    Curses! Once I am officially a student again with my own username, and my own blog, I will reveal the truth about canley – woo!

    Average Joe is ace, I look forward to the role reversal one, which apparently will be called 'Plain Jane' – why did Larissa have to be so shallow?

    Eim's knee was more like the size of a hot air balloon than a watermelon, by the way :P

    02 Sep 2005, 15:55

  2. Gordon R

    and although I was lured to Canley under the pretence of being 'cared for' due to my stinking cold, it was actually I who was made to run around and wait on Eim hand and foot. Not forgetting our very own jail break at 6am to drive to the supermarket and notify them that Eim couldn't make it to work.

    02 Sep 2005, 20:18

  3. Konstantin

    speaking of births and caesarians (see OH THANK GOD entry) I am… 24 soon. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 24??? When did THAT happen? I need consolations. Prleaaase.

    …and where's Nick?

    …and doesn't 'cu*t' come from quaint and hence is a pretty word? (what you can learn in the 5th floor of the humanities…)

    03 Sep 2005, 17:38

  4. Gordon R

    Konstantin – at 52 I am way older than your 24. But go to Canley for your consolations.

    Nick is out and about, he was looking fitting fit when I saw him last night.

    03 Sep 2005, 17:58

  5. Konstantin

    …ah, the boys of the west midlands… can't compare to london boys that are all make up :-P if my daddy wasn't coming next weekend I'd be cancancanleying next weekend. do I need to chav myself up?
    AND YOU ARE NOT 52!?
    sorry. I sound like an ageist twat. which I am! teehee.
    footballers ain't cool. why is adidas trying to make them cool?

    03 Sep 2005, 20:43

  6. ohhh, but that means that as an alumni, I can't read it :(

    04 Sep 2005, 12:09

  7. Konstantin

    I KNOW! don't we alumnii (is that the plural?) have a soul?

    04 Sep 2005, 15:10

  8. kons – gordon r is not 52, she's 26. unfortunately she is also a complete and utter lunatic with an unbelievably perverse sense of humour. please canley it asap!

    04 Sep 2005, 17:07

  9. Gordon R

    but not when I'm away pleeeeeeeease.

    and i'm not a complete and utter loon. I'm very well behaved when i'm in my straightjacket.

    (i am currently being forced to eat yoghurt off a knife due to a total absence of spoons in here)

    05 Sep 2005, 16:38

  10. Konstantin

    I know other great ways for you eat yoghurt… I AM greek after all. we invented yoghurt, didn't we? I'll need an assistant though.

    ok ok, I've been single too long :-P

    05 Sep 2005, 17:56

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