May 27, 2005

i may live badly, but at least i don't have to work to do it

well now, well now!
all is grand here. clearly, i'm still reeling from my recent encounter with gordon random – yes i met gordon random and she LOVED IT – and i've got a giant pile of dissertation-related dvds on my desk and i'm just going to have to do some work, really.
charles very kindly brought the new Unreal Coriander CD around for me to check out last night and it's sounding immensely sweet; it was particularly nice to hear old becky playing a bit of the old cello. it's also looking pretty good too, with my artwork and carter's notes. a truly collaborative project. other than that things are good –


– and i'm very much enjoying the sunshine. in fact, i'm going to find a nice bit of lawn and do some reading.

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  1. Gordon R

    Don't bait me. You loved it more.

    27 May 2005, 13:06

  2. Gordon R

    I wonder if my connection to the band will give me a copy of the CD. Probably not.

    27 May 2005, 13:11

  3. gordon random…
    do you…




    have you….


    do you have a crush on me?!

    27 May 2005, 13:47

  4. Gordon R

    You are wittering dear. There is absolutely no connection between what I just wrote and you deducing that I have a crush on you.
    I do suggest that the use of the personal pronoun 'I' by yourself suggests you have a crush on me. Now remember I am a cod psychoanalyist and therefore will win every argument we have on our relationship.
    However, should my husband – cough – let me out on day release you may join the queue. It is long, bring snacks.

    27 May 2005, 14:08

  5. Roisin

    Dude, I too am enjoying the sunshine….or I would, if the air condition at work actually work…of course, it works in sales, but we lowly customer services scum don't deserve it! Also, Jim McDonald is back on Coronation Street! Woooo!

    27 May 2005, 20:00

  6. Roisin

    That last comment of mine makes no sense. I'm sorry….I meant to write 'air conditioning' but after a heavy day of talking to complete crazies (including an elderly woman who swore at me!) my brain turns to mush. Sorry!

    27 May 2005, 20:03

  7. gordon…

    so glad that ambassador for northern ireland is back on our screens!!

    01 Jun 2005, 12:52

  8. Gordon R

    Yeah, I've seen that before. Look who's boring now.

    01 Jun 2005, 15:50

  9. Roisin

    Sadly, Jim's return on Coronation Street was all too brief – apparently he was supposed to be getting out of jail but he knackered his chance because he beat up his cellmate. He truly is an ambassador for northern ireland :)

    01 Jun 2005, 19:29

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