January 10, 2006

Hyperbolic fantasticness

Well now!
What can I say except…

FITZ THE CAR PASSED HIS MOT. No, I don't really know how it happened either, but it feels good. Mind you, it was a hard-earned triumph, necessitating conversations such as these…

Me (at 8am this morning, quite pissed off): Morning.
Mechanic #1: Key.
Me: I'm sorry?
Mechanic #1: Key.
Me: Oh right, here you go…. Right… Well, I'll come back later then… … Right.

Me (returning at lunctime): Afternoon.
Mechanic #2: After- what? Oh. What? Hello.
Me: How's the car doing?
Mechanic #2: What?
Me: The car.
Mechanic #2: Umm… ahh… Hmmm.
long pause
Mechanic #2: What was it?
Me: How's the Fiesta?
Mechanic #2: Oh. Ah… Hmm. It's… Hmmm. Well. If you just… Hmmm.
Me: Sorry?
Mechanic #2: Yeah. If… hmm.
Me: I'll come back later.

Me (at around 4pm): Hello.
Mechanic #3: What was it?
Me: Fiesta.
Mechanic #3: Oh yeah. It… ahh… hmm.
Me: Did it pass the MOT?
Mechanic #3: What?
Me: MOT.
Mechanic #3: Oh yeah. It… hmm…
long pause
Mechanic #3: What car was it?
Mechanic #3: Oh yeah.
Me: Did it pass its MOT?
Mechanic #3: Hmm. Well I checked it over the other day.
Me: Yeah. By the way, did you check the brake fluid?
Mechanic #3: Hmm. Ah.. the brake fluid in the Fiesta?
Me: YES.
Mechanic #3: Ah… hmmm. Ah… I can't remember.
Me: Right. Did it pass the MOT?

Enter Mechanic #4
Mechanic #4: Yes it did!
Me: Ripper!

Fitz manages a mighty 0-20 in only about 90 seconds as we slowly burn rubber out of there

Oh yes!
But seriously, kids, stay in school. This stuff is not fun.

In other news, some of my photos may well go on display in Toyk in the next couple of weeks, so please go in and check them out. My brand new toy is this…

And arriving soon in the post will be this fisheye camera…

from the awesome website Lomography


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  1. Fleur

    Don't forget the long pauses as we stood there waiting for the guy to tell us how much it was. Standing there with our jaws dropping, especially when the guy took the filthy rag he'd used to clean engine grease off his hands and then rubbed his EYE with it.


    10 Jan 2006, 18:44

  2. fleur

    oh I can't spell Brake.

    10 Jan 2006, 18:45

  3. This girl is going to be a Doctor one day.

    10 Jan 2006, 18:46

  4. Which day would that be?

    10 Jan 2006, 22:10

  5. Constanteen Cholakeys

    —- a year and a half in London and you spell like Shakespeare —-

    hello hello!
    I've missed the Eim!
    Toyk? I always wanted to exhibit my pics in Toyk! How does it look like these days?

    I love my colleague. A postman calls and asks 'Where is 1 Holland Park?'. Colleague answers 'Usually next to number 2'

    Eim, what you doin' on your birthday?

    11 Jan 2006, 01:57

  6. Holly – don't ask. Sooner than the world is ready.

    Kons – hello there! Toyk is looking good, although apparently preparing for a refit. Not too sure what to do birthday-wise yet, but I definitely want to get to London soon! What are you up to?

    13 Jan 2006, 13:32

  7. I am ignorant-where is Toyk?

    also when is your birthday?!

    Gods Isuck…

    17 Jan 2006, 00:40

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