March 06, 2006

Help help help PLEASE

A recent update on my ridiculous website situation and a plea for help.

I'm supposed to be editing the website, which is hosted by some charlatan of a company which shall remain nameless – upon logging into the company site, I have no option to edit my website. Firstly, I was advised to edit it using FileZilla, which doesn't work. Then, I was advised to edit it using FTP via a web browser, which doesn't work – I can see the HTML files and save them, but I can't figure out any way to edit them. Being a pleb, I decided to try using FrontPage, but, predictably, that doesn't work either. On my seventeenth call to the Charlatan Co. helpdesk I was advised that FrontPage etc. wouldn't work on the website as it was hosted by a Linux platform (I don't know what that means) and that I needed to switch it to Windows. Okay, I said, do that. Now, however, I've received another email from the helpdesk idiots telling me that to switch the site to Windows will 'break' it and that I need to use Dreamweaver to edit the site, which costs hundreds of pounds. All of this, as you can see, is INCREDIBLY FUCKING ANNOYING. So, please help me. Does anyone know if it's possible to switch a website from Linux (what?) to Windows (comfortingly familiar) without 'breaking' it? And, if not, what the hell is Linux and can I edit a website on it without spending a zillion pounds on Dreamweaver?



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  1. Lee Davis

    asssuming you only want to chnage the content and not the layout a simple text editor will do for modifying the pages. Just copy the files from the server then edit them and copy them back using ftp.

    There are a number of free html editors around that will help you and are slightly more user friendly if you are making major changes. Frontpage sucks and linux servers tend to be cheaper and more reliable. Assuming you only want static content then there is no need for all the crud frontpage inserts.

    06 Mar 2006, 14:38

  2. Thanks for the advice dude – would you recommend keeping it on Linux and downloading a free editor, or moving it to Windows and risking 'breaking' it, whatever that means?

    06 Mar 2006, 15:38

  3. personally, i'd leave it on Linux (its just a different type of operating system, not influenced by Micro$oft which is a good thing!!). However I'm a computer scientist so these things arn't scary for me!!!

    06 Mar 2006, 17:57

  4. Lee Davis

    I would leave it on a Linux server. I can't think of any good reason to use a windows server given the choice between the two.

    06 Mar 2006, 19:24

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