April 13, 2005


Writing about web page http://blogs.warwick.ac.uk/hnryan/entry/vote_angst/

have i offended EVERYONE?

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  1. I can't remember.

    13 Apr 2005, 14:42

  2. i don't remember insulting anybody at all.
    ah, screw this!

    13 Apr 2005, 14:43

  3. best friends

    Fucking Warwick

    13 Apr 2005, 15:56

  4. honestly…
    what did i do?! why have i become Warwick Bastard?

    13 Apr 2005, 15:57

  5. best friends

    Face it dude what has Warwick done for you?

    13 Apr 2005, 16:03

  6. warwick has evidently done nothing for me whatsoever.
    all i do is try and provide some light entertainment, and that's my reward!

    13 Apr 2005, 16:05

  7. Well, better to offend everyone than … uh, get stabbed in the face with a giant flaming spear. I guess. It's also easier to offend everyone than it is to get a decent giant flaming spear around these parts. I forget my point.

    13 Apr 2005, 16:39

  8. Gordon R

    Well if you forget the point to your spear then there's no harm in being stabbed by it. It will just bounce of your face, maybe leaving a small red mark but no serious damage.

    13 Apr 2005, 16:42

  9. er…
    well, just for the record, i have never used my blog to insult anyone at all. apart from myself, and occasionally chris carter. but that doesn't count. i am slightly distressed at being construed in this way, but i can't really be bothered to think about it.

    13 Apr 2005, 16:56

  10. No! I'm not cross at you! why would I be?! I just meant you can be a little angsty at times, which is good, and you are good with insults, as well as stories about strange people!

    Sorry for confusing you!

    Also, I thing it was because you were instigating the campus-wide insult-then-write-complaints thing, and I'd read that just prior to the angst party manifesto.

    PLEASE NOTE: Eimer has never insulted anyone directly or indeed indirectly on her blog, it was all completely general!

    13 Apr 2005, 21:07

  11. And there I was thinking I forgot something.

    13 Apr 2005, 21:49

  12. that all makes perfect sense. i was going through some kind of 'fear and loathing in the midlands'-esque situation and was a little worried that i seemed to be turning into Campus Pantomime Villain in chris carter's absence.

    14 Apr 2005, 11:48

  13. He's behind you!

    I'd like to be the campus pantomine villain. I could cackle evilly while my cape swished dramatically in the wind.

    14 Apr 2005, 13:51

  14. You could take somebody's eye out with that.

    14 Apr 2005, 20:31

  15. I plan to.

    14 Apr 2005, 21:48

  16. *puts his glasses on*

    15 Apr 2005, 00:15

  17. Roisin

    Your continued existence completely offends me, so why doesn' t just teach you to die already, eh? LIFE, what has it ever done for me eh? NOTHING, that's what!

    15 Apr 2005, 10:27

  18. life absolutely taught me to die.
    still, looks like i might get some peace from gordon random!

    15 Apr 2005, 11:37

  19. Gordon R

    your loss, BABE

    15 Apr 2005, 11:44

  20. uh oh!
    i spoke too soon.
    what have i lost out on?

    15 Apr 2005, 11:48

  21. Gordon R

    …...do something else
    …...peace and quiet

    oh but I forgot my vow to go awa…......

    15 Apr 2005, 12:00

  22. come on, gordon random. you know perfectly well that you're acting like an absolute looper. i'm more than prepared to chat to you but there's absolutely no need for you to be so mad.

    15 Apr 2005, 12:01

  23. Gordon R

    Firstly, define mad
    Secondly, what have I done that is mad?
    Thirdly, you're the one forming a flipping Mexican band (whereas I will be making Dulce de Chocolate con Canela for myself and Mrs Dandy tonight)

    Fourthly, (silence)

    Addendum – your loss


    15 Apr 2005, 12:08

  24. okay, well i'm going to call you a loon because i think the word 'loon' is incredibly funny. it's perfectly fine that you come here and make comments but they seem to be becoming increasingly snide and the whole thing is a bit disturbing. i'm not quite sure what it is that you want from me…

    15 Apr 2005, 12:10

  25. Gordon R

    Ok, I'll let you off with loon as it does have a nice ring to it.

    But, snide??? Snide???, really, snide, snide, snide??? What have I said that is snide? I think we are coming back to that tired argument about being able to hear the author's tone of voice, if you can't then maybe it wasn't written properly blah blah etc.
    I've never been snide. Snide?? Euuugh, the word is bad enough in itself. But if I am disturbing you, then I won't anymore.

    15 Apr 2005, 12:17

  26. well okay, maybe i'm just being extreme. i just think you have the potential to get pretty pissed off by something i say, and turn up in my bedroom with a handful of insects, or something.

    nevertheless, it is more than understandable if you are simply besotted with me, as of course i am an exemplary specimen of humanity.

    15 Apr 2005, 12:19

  27. Gordon R

    No, not pissed off. More dejected, rejected, painfully hurt by your suggestion I should go away to the extent that I cried on the bus home (did anyone see me?). I fear Gordon alter-ego Random will have to go and find another blog patron. Robert O' is a good choice as he has a bike whereas as you can only offer maracars.

    15 Apr 2005, 12:32

  28. er…
    okay. sorry i made you cry.
    but you were exhibiting some stalkeresque tendencies back there..

    15 Apr 2005, 12:35

  29. Gordon R

    by asking if you are wearing a blue jumper, or if there is a man sitting next to you??? Come on, what are the chances that I can see you, or will ever see you (except last weekend, ok), or that those comments were nothing more than a joke to make you think I can actually see you. I'm so geographically far from you I might as well be in another country. And as I have encountered stalkers I wouldn't inflict that on someone else. And if I were to stalk anyone it would have to be a celebrity of at least D-list standing so I could get myself in the papers

    (that's a joke, that was a joke, I obviously have to add disclaimers to everything I write now)

    15 Apr 2005, 12:42

  30. huh? whaddya mean, geographically far? i saw you yesterday! this is an ocean of bilge into which i will not be dragged.

    15 Apr 2005, 12:48

  31. Gorodn R

    ahhhh, so now we get the eimear saw gordon guessing game. far more fun than drowing in bilge. so, where was it??? tell me, tell me!!

    15 Apr 2005, 12:55

  32. in the computer room. you should have come up to speak to me though. that would have been less mad.

    15 Apr 2005, 12:57

  33. Gordon R

    Come up to you and done what though? Ask for your autograph, give you a big Gordon kiss (and get arrested for stalker harrassment)??

    But I'm afraid, Miss Ballard, you are wrong!!! I wasn't there.

    So that's – Gordon 1 – Eimear 0

    15 Apr 2005, 13:07

  34. what?
    oh, i must have got you confused with another red-haired girl standing at the front of the computer room.
    what a faux pas. oh well.

    15 Apr 2005, 13:10

  35. Gordon R

    Ha ha! I hope you asked her if her name was Gordon. But what if I don't have red hair and am not a girl??

    You know when you have seen me as I will be the one running off in the opposite direction like a, dare I say it, complete loon.

    15 Apr 2005, 13:14

  36. Gordon R

    her shows? Don't now about any shows. And I wouldn't be in the computer room as I've no need for it.

    Think I'm just going run away from all this right now.

    15 Apr 2005, 13:51

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