July 10, 2005

good times, good times

how they all laughed!

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  1. Gordon R

    Hey hey!!! It's not what I'm thinking!!!

    hmmmmmmm, yes.

    10 Jul 2005, 21:10

  2. cradle snatcher! look at me, i'm about eight!

    10 Jul 2005, 22:05

  3. Gordon R

    Hey I'd snatch you away any day, and keep you holed up in my forest hide away. God, I'm rhyming, so Warwick.
    You're so hot, would your girfriend mind if I took you away for a bit??

    10 Jul 2005, 23:01

  4. i think i could manage it, if it's a nature-based excursion. for research purposes only, of course.

    11 Jul 2005, 00:29

  5. Get a room…

    11 Jul 2005, 00:39

  6. Gordon R

    Only so you could come knocking on the door Holly.

    Hmm,nature. well we all know what happened at my last nature excursion.

    11 Jul 2005, 00:48

  7. teeheehee!

    i don't get it!

    11 Jul 2005, 00:50

  8. Only so you could come knocking on the door

    I'm scared…

    11 Jul 2005, 00:51

  9. oh piss, now i'm scared too.

    no, hang on a minute cruise, you love it!

    11 Jul 2005, 00:51

  10. I do?

    11 Jul 2005, 00:53

  11. sure you do!



    what are we talking about now? LOOK AT MY CHILDLIKE FACE I AM SO INNOCENT

    11 Jul 2005, 00:54

  12. Gordon R

    Holly, you love it. and if anything i should be scared when you come knocking on the door.

    11 Jul 2005, 00:55

  13. Oh, besmirch my reputation why don't you?

    Eim you are very cute and innocent there. Photoshop?

    11 Jul 2005, 00:57

  14. i am not prepared to discuss such matters underneath a picture of me dressed as a child!!

    nah, no photoshop. i would have made myself look a bit better. i've found gallons of old pictures but i'm aware of the potential of utter dullness in posting them. and anyway my haircut history is far too bad to be exposed to the general public!

    11 Jul 2005, 00:59

  15. Gordon R

    Come, come. THAT haircut is far too recent for you to really be a child in it. admit it, you hang out at the zoo.

    11 Jul 2005, 01:02

  16. that haircut's really, really old. in between then and now i had the 'bifro' stage, the 'number one' stage, the 'hippy' stage, and the 'undeniable mistake' stage, before finding my present, er, perfection.

    11 Jul 2005, 01:03

  17. Gordon R

    why I am hungry?

    11 Jul 2005, 01:04

  18. can't get no satisfaction?

    11 Jul 2005, 01:05

  19. Gordon R

    So really you've just gone full circle with the hair cuts to come back to that bad one??? Oh.

    No, I love you hair.
    Please don't hit me

    11 Jul 2005, 01:06

  20. i am rendered incapable of any reaction other than a stutter of wordless outrage

    11 Jul 2005, 01:07

  21. Gordon R

    Outrage, schoumtrage. I'm only hungry as I haven't been in my house for three weeks and have no food and have been living on pine cones and "Steve's" cakes all weekend. But the cakes are good, so cheers to steve. who ever he is, god knows.

    11 Jul 2005, 01:09

  22. random, what are you talking about, you unadulterated loon?

    11 Jul 2005, 01:11

  23. Gordon R

    Unadulterated. or adult rated??? perhaps steve's cakes aren't. still hungry though.

    11 Jul 2005, 01:15

  24. eh?!

    11 Jul 2005, 01:16

  25. Gordon R

    Oh I don't know. Now I'm just too tired to do or say anything except…

    your hair

    11 Jul 2005, 01:18

  26. eh?!

    oh…i'm having horrible flashbacks

    11 Jul 2005, 01:19

  27. Gordon R

    Oh dear, is it all finally kicking in?

    Or has Random's waffling come back to haunt you??????

    11 Jul 2005, 01:21

  28. yeah, both!

    11 Jul 2005, 01:22

  29. Gordon R

    Hey, Mr Big Stuff

    11 Jul 2005, 01:25

  30. what's this now?
    random, you're hard work!

    11 Jul 2005, 01:27

  31. Gordon R

    I might have to go to bed or faint from hunger. I just got a horrible head rush spinning round on my chair. So it's either bed, or the moths in here get it.

    11 Jul 2005, 01:28

  32. Gordon R

    Actually, I think Random should come back. In full on random form.

    11 Jul 2005, 01:28

  33. no! not after i worked so hard!

    11 Jul 2005, 01:31

  34. Gordon R

    Well you're going to have to work harder!!

    if that is at all possible

    11 Jul 2005, 01:33

  35. but for what?!

    11 Jul 2005, 01:34

  36. Gordon R

    Well what do you want from Gordon? Do you want Gordon?

    Ahh, you all love him

    11 Jul 2005, 01:36

  37. Gordon R

    well fine then.

    if that's the way you'd treat a girl.

    11 Jul 2005, 01:41

  38. Gordon R

    Hey! I know how I'd treat you.

    I'd put on my best dress, tell you to wear something dashing and book us on the first Eurostar to Paris. Then I'll sit you down in a nice little cafe somewhere on the Left Bank and talk about life and everything and look at your handsome face.

    Failing that I'll take you for an ice-cream.


    11 Jul 2005, 11:36

  39. Gordon R

    Oh god, it looks like I'm talking to myself. But I'm trapped in my house after waking up to the plumber banging on the door, then the lights went out, now I'm trapped in here with no water, the plumber's disappeared leaving the door wide open, I can't leave and THERE'S NO WATER (again).

    I can't do anything…........

    hey, ice cream anyone?

    11 Jul 2005, 11:41

  40. Gordon R

    Plumbers have now left although told me I can't shower till they come back. But, oh well then, guess I can't smell that much despite living in the woods these past days.

    So in the absence of Eim who is trying on her Mother's hats or something or other, and Holly who is apparently "currently stood outside the gatehouse dressed like a reject of the village people" – so get yourself down there for a cheap laugh!!!

    but what have I done to amuse myself???
    well i stole some food as I'm so hungry
    tried to do a crossword. one clue that stumped me was "French author: jean-paul…..". Do they know how many French authors are called jean-paul??? It's about the most common french name there is. for god's sake.
    hmm, what else. wrote a load of emails to remind people I'm still here.
    Tried to think how the hell I'm going to write something for a book when I forgot all my ideas.
    Realised I'm broke
    Hijacked Eim's blog
    Thought about the coming days of fun in Belfast and Dublin!!!!

    11 Jul 2005, 13:19

  41. Carter

    My god, this really is awful. This right here should be help up as Exhibit A for the 'Hot Topics' section of Warwick Blogs remaining abolished.

    Cruise, I don't blame you for being appalled. I have to listen to this non-stop, usually through one of my walls…

    11 Jul 2005, 13:45

  42. Gordon R

    hee hee!

    I'll come and hijack your blog soon Carter!
    Anyway, you love it. Especially when I stood outside your door naked.

    11 Jul 2005, 15:40

  43. That might just be the single weirdest comment (and accompanying mental image) I've seen on these blogs…

    11 Jul 2005, 17:53

  44. what in sam hill is going on?!

    11 Jul 2005, 18:02

  45. Gordon R

    ha ha!!!

    11 Jul 2005, 18:03

  46. Gordon R

    Hey! Hang on Cruise, weird mental image??? Come on!!!!

    11 Jul 2005, 18:04

  47. I can't believe I spent time reading this; it's a strange strange narrative. Still, it entertained me the same way soup does. That's right, soup! Although that can be fairly entertaining.
    See, now i'm doing it: rambly rambly.
    ooooooh look!!! – Interplanetary phenomena!

    12 Jul 2005, 12:15

  48. alex – you'll never get those moments back. glad to see llamas have also infiltrated your blog!

    12 Jul 2005, 12:16

  49. Gordon R

    I can't believe I spent time writing this

    12 Jul 2005, 12:34

  50. Indeeedly; the llamas, so majestic, so curious.

    12 Jul 2005, 15:59

  51. Gordon R

    so smelly

    12 Jul 2005, 16:01

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