June 13, 2005

you pushed and you pushed and you pushed!

in case anyone actually cares about who writes this bilge…

okay, i'm doing this, but it's okay, because i'm doing it in a postmodern, ironic way. okay?

Ten Random Things About Me
1) if i wasn't a student i'd be a professional showjumper
2) i play the clarinet and saxophone
3) i've never broken a bone (though i have sprained my ankle)
4) my eyes are different shapes and my jaw is an inch out of line
5) i've dyed my hair for five years and i don't know what colour it really is
6) my favourite movie is hitchcock's 'rebecca'
7) i cry at really stupid crap, like 'the animals of farthing wood'
8) i was a vegan for two years, but i missed pizza (i'm now a vegetarian)
9) i love performing, but i get horrible stage fright
10) i can't control my reaction to the cuteness of wee puppies and kittens

Nine Ways to Win My Heart
1) be yourself
2) make me laugh
3) be spontaneous
4) be positive
5) have a genuine smile
6) surprise me, in good ways
7) be able to see the funny side of things
8) laugh at tat
9) rub the back of my neck when you hug me

Eight Things I Want To Do Before I die
1) see more of the world
2) be famous
3) have a job which i love
4) continue having a great family and great friends
5) pass my fucking driving test, for christ's sake
6) conquer my fear of heights by jumping off something tall
7) travel across america with someone i love
8) have a house full of wee puppies

Seven Ways To Annoy Me
1) make dismissive, snap judgements
2) have bad manners and display other signs of ignorance
3) be overly loud without reason
4) be offensive on purpose
5) be self-centred
6) be pretentious or otherwise ingenuine
7) talk in the cinema. christ!

Six Things I Believe In
1) love
2) happiness
3) peace
4) karma
5) er…brazilian music?
6) that things will work themselves out

Five Things I'm Afraid Of
1) spiders!!! JESUS!
2) loneliness
3) heights!
4) powerlessness
5) Q-tips. god, i hate those.

Four Favourite Items In My Room:
1) movies
2) music
3) photos
4) window!

Three Things I Do Everyday
1) have one of those unique chesham showers which feel suspiciously like being pissed upon from a great height by a mexican bandito
2) go for a stroll
3) gape in astonishment at moving images

Two Things I Want To Do Right Now
1) have my dissertation finished!
2) sit out in the sun

One Person I Wish I Could See Right Now
1) ruth

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  1. Gordon R

    10:5 – I know that answer
    10:6 – uh oh
    10:7- ME TOO!

    9:8 – will do that

    8:5 – get on
    8:6 – you won't do it
    8:7 – Captain America?
    8:8 – YES to annoy Carter (you will live with him)

    5:1 – can help you there
    5:5 – I will hide some in your room!

    3:1 – pick up a fungal infection

    13 Jun 2005, 16:35

  2. yeah…
    my hair is really grey :(

    13 Jun 2005, 16:41

  3. Gordon R

    Nah – it's still blond!

    13 Jun 2005, 16:44

  4. There's a way to check what your natural hair colour is but doing so in pub(l)ic will get you arrested…

    14 Jun 2005, 02:20

  5. Gordon R

    Lower the tone Cruise, lower the tone!

    14 Jun 2005, 15:31

  6. teehee this is a good idea, although a little long for my obviously packed revision schedule!!

    This LRC is too hot and is making me feel sick :-(

    15 Jun 2005, 16:39

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