March 25, 2005


Christopher Carter
… "I am the looks and brains of the operation, as the screaming bevvy of bitches frantically beating down my door every night for some Carter sex-lovin' will testify. Ballard simply supplies the Christ-awful bossa nova music which permeates the wall next to my room day and night like some dismal Satanic fart."

25 March 2005, 12:18


i have nothing more to say to you than THIS
SCOOP: Chris Carter's absurd claim

YES! I've been waiting to use that for ages!!!

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  1. Oof! Chalk one down, Ballard!

    Unfortunately I am too busy with my Ambient Electronic Remixes at the moment to retort.


    – Probably not really your thing though. Wasn't recorded by Guatemalan street urchins and purchased for £3 from Fopp (while wearing a bad jumper).

    25 Mar 2005, 12:54

  2. hehehe…pity i'm the only eimear ballard in the whole world. possibly the universe.
    there is absolutely nothing wrong with my jumpers whatsoever, as anyone other than you will testify. still, style being put aside, i guess my jumpers probably wouldn't correlate with your moral sensibilities, because…


    25 Mar 2005, 13:45

  3. For the last time, I didn't steal the fucker! I merely changed the price tag to one more suited to my income at the time!

    (Yes, I realise this dispicable act can hardly be justified…)

    25 Mar 2005, 13:54


    25 Mar 2005, 16:00

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