August 19, 2005

between jerry ford and jerry carter i know which way i'm going

overheard in canley last night…
Mother (to infant child): GET IN THE FOOKIN HAUS NAH ELSE I'LL KNIFE YA!

well now!
it has come to my attention in recent weeks that my generally dishevelled, dissertation-y appearance is merely being compounded by the fact that my hair is, quite simply, too long. not having visited a professional hair-related emporium since 'september the 11th' (yes, that one. i remember it very clearly) i am probably long overdue for a bit of a restyle. unfortunately, i have been advised that a sweet 'napoleon dynamite'-esque 'fro is probably beyond my means, having stubbornly uncurly hair as i do. my question to you, dearest reader, is…

what the hell kind of haircut am i going to get?!

answers on a postcard, please. and be gentle.

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  1. Dude, how slow does your hair grow? If I'd had no haircut in four years I'd be bloody Cousin It! It's been four months and it's annoyingly long.

    Oh, and get one of those chav shaved heads with lame arsed 'patterns' on the sides and back. Twonk-tastic!

    19 Aug 2005, 18:36

  2. well, it's been cut at several junctures since then. in first year it was grand as my flatmate ruth was a dab hand at the old hairdressing. it all went downhill after she left for canada. i don't want to lose the old mullet but it does look ridiculous in the wind.

    dilemmae, dilemmae!

    19 Aug 2005, 18:38

  3. Reverse mullet. Long at the front and short at the back. I want people to take this style and run with it…

    19 Aug 2005, 18:42

  4. umm…can i question the veracity of this style?

    jesus lord, there is a man sitting two seats away from me in the learning grid making the most godawful hockling noise i have ever heard.

    19 Aug 2005, 18:45

  5. Mmm, and here's me in my comfy parental abode with my dad offering cook me food. Oh the shame…

    19 Aug 2005, 18:46

  6. well, not everyone has the backbone for such squalor, i guess. on the plus side, i've nearly finished this bastard dissertation. fancy proofreading it for me?

    19 Aug 2005, 18:50

  7. Can you email it to me in smal writing? I have good eyesight and can report back on 6t September when I get back from Greece. Mmm, holiday reading…

    19 Aug 2005, 18:52

  8. well, it's due next friday. but i have to admit, it's a pretty fucking cool dissertation.

    greece?! why do i only have canley?

    19 Aug 2005, 18:53

  9. No idea. Were you Iam Paisley in a previous life?

    Tea time now… food.

    19 Aug 2005, 18:57

  10. Konstantin

    Eim. come to greece for eff's sake.

    19 Aug 2005, 20:04

  11. oh god! i would love to be in greece!

    I JUST FINISHED MY DISSERTATION! two minutes ago. except for proofreading it. and does anyone have any idea of what the heck the difference is between an 'abstract' and a page of 'introductory remarks'? bloody hell. got to crawl home now to eat and possibly sleep like a loser!

    19 Aug 2005, 20:08

  12. Sam off big brother had a reverse mullet

    23 Aug 2005, 11:46

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