March 25, 2005

at home…

okay, so now i'm at home and have the internet and a digital camera at my disposal, get ready for a vastly increased number of blog entries and cheesy pictures. to illustrate…
here's me and my lovely, lovely dog benji out for a walk! how C&A do we look?

holly, look now, wee puppies and wee ponies like these!

awk look at their wee faces!

anyway, it's been a grand day for me, very laid-back indeed. much time has been spent staring in bemusement whilst my gran laughs at 'the two ronnies' and clutching at my hair in abject terror at the thought of, firstly, 'strictly dance fever' as hosted by graham norton, and secondly, the GUINEA WORM which charles told me about earlier today. apparently, this worm grows to about a metre in length inside your stomach, and then bursts out of your foot. GUH!
also, some very amusing northern irish news comes in the shape of the following…

not content with performing the stupidest bank heist of all time by stealing millions in northern irish money (which can't be spent anywhere outside the province), crime has sunk to a new level of idiocy as a group of men from dundonald hijacked a JCB and attempted to steal AN ENTIRE BANK this morning.

let me please add that i absolutely DESPISE computers. i enjoy writing this blog and looking up ridiculous things on the net, but i HATE, HATE, HATE computers. attempting to use a design programme earlier today left me so stressed that i had to lie down in the dark tracing figure eights onto my left forearm. why do they have to be so absolutely impossible to understand? ah well…

finally, many thanks to roisin for spotting this incredible name in the latest issue of 'chat' magazine…
god in heaven.

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  1. Roisin

    My heart stopped when I read that name – one of the other children in that issue was names TIA TIGGER. Sweet fancy moses!

    26 Mar 2005, 15:19

  2. my heart hasn't re-started yet.

    27 Mar 2005, 00:37

  3. moi again

    Bangor pics, I recognise that sea, not the dog or you but the sea, breathtaking

    27 Mar 2005, 23:13

  4. but WHO ARE YOU?

    28 Mar 2005, 00:55

  5. 'Pagan'?! You can really call a kid 'Pagan'?! What in the name of all things good and pure is going on here?!

    28 Mar 2005, 10:53

  6. Roisin

    I suppose if you can name your child after a tribe of native americans or, indeed, a word that fails to exist such as APPLEBY, well, Pagan probably seems sensible enough.

    28 Mar 2005, 13:37

  7. Roisin, I'm going to call my child 'Muldoonican'. It's sort of a tribute to yourself and legendary crooner Val Doonican, and is hopefully guarateed to get the wee bastard beaten to shite in the playground.

    28 Mar 2005, 14:01

  8. Roisin

    Carter, I'm touched, that means a lot, especially now you've been alerted to the availability of the name Pagan.

    28 Mar 2005, 20:41

  9. if i had a child it would be called…
    thankfully, i can't imagine anything worse than having to stare at a child's blank face every day, so that will never happen

    28 Mar 2005, 21:30

  10. Roisin

    I am going to name one of my children Child, seriously….I'll beat it and starve it and lavish love on my other children just to mess with its head, it'll be ace

    28 Mar 2005, 21:43

  11. hehehe…that'll be dead funny. will you call another one of them poddington pea smith?

    29 Mar 2005, 00:40

  12. and will you call another one da vinci code jones?

    29 Mar 2005, 12:59

  13. I'm going for 'Trisha Burberry She-Ra' if it's a girl. 'Colin Farrell Jamie and the Magic Torch Ginsters' if it's a boy

    29 Mar 2005, 13:14

  14. heeee…and for a child of indeterminate gender…
    'windows XP rainbow warrior and the masters of the universe'

    29 Mar 2005, 13:54

  15. Roisin

    I was thinking along the lines of Wallpaper Pomegranate and Compact Disc Cleaner. It's very postmodern.

    29 Mar 2005, 20:36

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