August 02, 2005

asking for only workman's wages I go looking for a job

i am leaving i am leaving but the fighter still remains

last night Eimear Ballard Esq made an omelette for the first time in just 7 easy steps

that's right. can you guess what they were??
back to canley then folks

and if you're all missing something warm and fluffy to keep you company then here's a picutre of Mr Benji to cheer you up

G Random (Ms)

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  1. Phil

    last night Eimear Ballard Esq made an omelette for the first time in just 7 easy steps
    that's right. can you guess what they were??

    "Breaking a few eggs" has to be a firm favourite for one of them

    02 Aug 2005, 22:48

  2. Jay-soos! That scared me. Please don't do it again.

    03 Aug 2005, 00:13

  3. Kevin Duplo

    Some heat, some milk and caramel??
    Added to the breaking some eggs stage?

    03 Aug 2005, 10:44

  4. beating eggs together

    Pouring egg mixture into preheated frying pan (with a degree of on-hob splatter)

    I'm not afraid to admit it, that dog scared me!

    03 Aug 2005, 17:49

  5. Gordon R

    that dog is awesome although he is slightly crazed.

    and for all your guesses – yep, breaking the eggs was one of the steps. followed by a long period of staring at the pan, followed by a period of panic when it was realized that the peppers and cheese aren't going to just chop themselves and jump into the pan on their own. (and that I'm NOT going to cook for Eim again).

    04 Aug 2005, 14:06

  6. Roisin

    Random, she can cook chickpea curry, or at least, in the dim past days of Willes road she could cook chickpea curry….get her on it asap!

    Also, what is with the pictures of Benji? Where are all the photos of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?!?! That's the REAL news!

    Sorry. Ireland is making me crazy.

    04 Aug 2005, 14:08

  7. Gordon R

    Surely the recent presentation of the ASBO has livened things up, non??

    Photos of Tom Cruise are banned by Ballard as I fancy him and he's really going to be mine. Although he is short. But I wouldn't kick him, you know, for being short in bed.
    Holmes is no competition. She can wave bye-bye and jump back into that Creek.

    04 Aug 2005, 15:07

  8. Konstantin

    Still 40 degrees here. Who'll come and rub some sunscreen on my back?

    I'm such a whore.

    05 Aug 2005, 00:27

  9. Roisin

    Random, you're right, Katie Holmes is no competition, mostly due to her bizarre face herpes! I understand the Tom/Katie embargo, but personally I am loving their whole downward spiral into craziness.

    08 Aug 2005, 19:44

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