February 05, 2006

Are you looking at my headgear?

Well now!
Firstly, I'm soon going to write an entry on why you should not work for Tesco under any circumstances, but I'm not in the mood now, on account of it being my birthday. That's right, my birthday! It's been anabsolutely awesome weekend - Roisin, David, mad old Random Fleur (apparently) and I took a trip to the Birmingham Sealife Centre in good old Fitz, the world's most faithful Fiesta since his recent mmmmmakeover. We traipsed around Birmingham for a bit and did a lot of impressions of the apocalyptic Canley crow; it was a great day. Today was absolutely fantastic as well and I'm feeling very happy typing away here. Nevertheless, though, don't ever work for Tesco. More later.

The latest Canley update is that there will soon be a Canley-Tile Hill Fun Day which I fully intend to infiltrate. Beforehand, however, I'll be taking a little trip to…


That's right! More news of impending trip and more Tesco vitriol soon. Until then, though, I'd like to say a big thank you to all my buddies of whom I've been thinking today, and especially to my housemates for being so fantastic. And also to good old Fleur, because she's not such a bad sort really, and I do love her very much. So…happy 8-month-iversary to you, Random…

We can talk all night, we can talk all day.
We can play charades when there is nothing to say.
You turn me on to the idea of growing old.
I can make you angry you can make me smile.
We can make origami with the kids for a while.
You turn me on to the idea of growing old.

Now it wonít be long. No it wonít be long.
You turn me on to the idea of growing old.

We can lay around and count the number of times
Iíve acted foolish and youíve rolled your eyes.
You turn me on to the idea of growing old.
You in your kerchief, and me in my cap.
We can settle down for an afternoon nap.
You turn me on to the idea of growing old.

For the rest of you, look at this fucking horrible picture:

Are you looking at my headgear?

They told me I was going to have to wear one of these once.
Ha ha ha, orthodontistry! I laugh in your wiry face!

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  1. I win: I wore one of those once! Yes, it was fucking horrible.

    Happy birthday!

    05 Feb 2006, 21:50

  2. Fleur

    well I have the origami paper already and I certainly roll my eyes when you do silly things! Not too sure about wearing a kerchief though. Unless it's one round my neck, not the knotted kind you wear on your head when it's hot.

    Ha! my friend Aoife was telling me she could have a brace fitted but then after it was taken off she would also have to wear a headbrace at night for the rest of her life!!! mmm, very sexy!

    06 Feb 2006, 09:11

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