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March 25, 2005

at home…

okay, so now i'm at home and have the internet and a digital camera at my disposal, get ready for a vastly increased number of blog entries and cheesy pictures. to illustrate…
here's me and my lovely, lovely dog benji out for a walk! how C&A do we look?

holly, look now, wee puppies and wee ponies like these!

awk look at their wee faces!

anyway, it's been a grand day for me, very laid-back indeed. much time has been spent staring in bemusement whilst my gran laughs at 'the two ronnies' and clutching at my hair in abject terror at the thought of, firstly, 'strictly dance fever' as hosted by graham norton, and secondly, the GUINEA WORM which charles told me about earlier today. apparently, this worm grows to about a metre in length inside your stomach, and then bursts out of your foot. GUH!
also, some very amusing northern irish news comes in the shape of the following…

not content with performing the stupidest bank heist of all time by stealing millions in northern irish money (which can't be spent anywhere outside the province), crime has sunk to a new level of idiocy as a group of men from dundonald hijacked a JCB and attempted to steal AN ENTIRE BANK this morning.

let me please add that i absolutely DESPISE computers. i enjoy writing this blog and looking up ridiculous things on the net, but i HATE, HATE, HATE computers. attempting to use a design programme earlier today left me so stressed that i had to lie down in the dark tracing figure eights onto my left forearm. why do they have to be so absolutely impossible to understand? ah well…

finally, many thanks to roisin for spotting this incredible name in the latest issue of 'chat' magazine…
god in heaven.


Christopher Carter
… "I am the looks and brains of the operation, as the screaming bevvy of bitches frantically beating down my door every night for some Carter sex-lovin' will testify. Ballard simply supplies the Christ-awful bossa nova music which permeates the wall next to my room day and night like some dismal Satanic fart."

25 March 2005, 12:18


i have nothing more to say to you than THIS
SCOOP: Chris Carter's absurd claim

YES! I've been waiting to use that for ages!!!

More questions

Writing about Questions for you from Claire Blogden

You Are 30% Redneck

The wheels still turning, but the hamster's dead.

You're just fakin' bein' a redneck.

in response to claire's questions…

1. Iceland or Sweden?
Sweden. my geography's a bit confused, but i believe that sweden gave us H+M, and possibly Ikea.

2. Spatula or spork?
Spatula. kinky.

3. Unicorn or Pegasus?
Pegasus with a cardboard horn stuck to him. come on, if you're going to ride a horse, the ability to fly is a more useful attribute than pointiness.

4. Rose creams or violet creams?
What's that now?

5. Toffee or fudge?

6. Coffee or tea?
Boik. neither!

7. Lager or Ale? (not at all a loaded question ;-))
Boik. neither!!

8. Sun or moon?
Both. I'm really craving the sun right now, but i love seeing a big old full moon.

9. Slugs or snails?
Boik. neither!! claire!! all these things are grim!

10. Puppy-dogs tails-discuss.
Awk, wee puppies, i love wee puppies!

11. "Fairy" or "Fearie"?

12. JK Rowling or Phillip Pullman?
I haven't read either. But i think probably Rowling

13. Harry, Ron, or Hermione?

14. Are Demons a good idea, or would you rather not have to see yourself that clearly?
Give chris carter a chance

15. Favourite mythical creature?

16. Ever heard of a Beholder? what is it?
Guh. an acolyte?

17. Yorkie-can girls eat it too?
If they like, but it's gross.

18.Chocolate coated raisins or yoghurt coated banana?
Chocolate coated raisins.

19. What is the acceptable length for a scarf?
Scarves should go down to the ground, tom baker-style!

20. Smarties or MnM's?
Smartie…M and…guh…both!

21. Mini-eggs or creme eggs?
Oh they're both so good!

22. Janis Joplin orJoni Mitchell?
Janis Joplin by a hair.

23. Elves or Dwarves?

24. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot or Prongs?

25. Sheep or goat?

26. Incense; sticks, cones or oil?

27. Favourite incense smell?
Incense always makes me nauseous, unfortunately. But my favourite scent is vanilla

28. Last place you walked to?
The SEA!!!

You Are a Beagle Puppy

Cheerful, energetic, and happy go lucky.
And you're sense of smell is absolutely amazing!

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