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March 24, 2005

some instant entertainment for you to try at home…

are you in the same predicament as me?
at home for easter?
parents already told you at christmas that they didn't like your haircut?
kind of starting to wish you'd kept in touch with a few more people from school?

well, problem solved!
to make yourself laugh like a blurry lunatic who's just taken over the asylum…

…all you have to do is…

true story


okay, bear with me on this one, it's going somewhere.
having a few moments to spare this evening, i collected my thoughts together and decided that i wished to look at an amusing picture. like any child of the 21st century, i logged straight onto to begin my search. unfortunately, the results were less than fruitful. in fact, what the internet designates as being funny is often, quite simply, bemusing. therefore…and this is where i get a little confused…i demand FUNNIER things to be on the internet. i'm not sure how to go about this, but i'll work it out. here's what i'm talking about…

a search for 'faintly amusing' on brings up…

okay, so i guess that's faintly amusing, but come on.

'quite amusing' brings up…

not funny

not even remotely funny

i don't get it

a search for 'funny' brings up…

really not funny

those cars make my teeth hurt

very poor effort

'hilarious' yields the following…

no, nothing

this appears to be simply an upsetting picture of a doll holding a flattened cat in a bag

and finally…'the most hilarious thing i have ever seen' brings up little more than the following…

dearest reader, this is simply not good enough. please join me in my campaign for hilarity by scouring the net and posting details of genuinely funny things. i mean it. comedy. it's a serious business.

not overwhelmingly impressive

Writing about web page

I am worth $1,997,618.00 on

having said that…

How stupid are you?

Very smart.

You are almost like einstein.

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and also…

Would I consider you Hot?

You're hot!

the burn!

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the internet really is full of shite, though.

ace quiz

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