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April 12, 2005

eim's art school: LESSON THREE

alrite, pupils, i hope you're sitting comfortably. today's art lesson will be on wassily kandinsky. now, kandinsky really sucks balls, and his paintings should be exhibited nowhere other than pizza hut. look at one of them for just a moment:

do you see that it sucks? good. your homework is to try and tell the difference between kandinsky and his equally sucky counterpart miro:

what a mess!

good luck with that.
holly cruise, i await your reponse!

as an afterthought…the final afterthought…

Follow-up to WARWICK INSULT–ATHON: no more problems from Talking Behind the Psychic's Back

…a premature trackback. this insult-athon might not be enough for everyone. now, i live with chris carter, and every day he tells me that i have a stupid haircut and i'm wearing a bad jumper. i respond by screaming in his face until he starts to cry. perhaps the alkaline solution to all this vitriol would be to run up to him and scream in his face if you see him on campus. soon, everyone will be screaming at him, and he'll either have a nervous breakdown or issue a formal apology. then he should accept a public spanking in the piazza from david vanderlinde whilst an effigy of michael stipe burns in the background and we all dance around him singing 'randy scouse git' by the monkees, thus:

"Why don't you cut your hair?!
Why don't you live up there?!
Why don't you do what I do, see what I feel when I care?!

Why don't you be like me?!
Why don't you stop and see?!
Why don't you hate who I hate, kill who I kill to be free?!

Why don't you cut your hair?!
Why don't you live up there?!
Why don't you do what I do, see what I feel when I care?!

Ba be dee ba ba ba ba ba dee ba ba boo wah.
Ba be dee ba ba ba ba ba dee ba ba boo wah!"

anyway, there's not too much news with me to post about. my lovelife continues to dwindle in a horrible sort of a limbo state and i have too much work to do. on the plus side, i saw a car earlier with THREE 'baby on board' stickers on its back windscreen. and one of them was in french.

let's be nice

WARWICK INSULT–ATHON: no more problems

i'm pretty tired of all this continuing beige controversy and i'd like to propose a solution.
at 12 noon this friday, no matter where you are on campus, insult everyone around you and prepare to be insulted for a good few minutes. when you're finished with that, take about a quarter of an hour to be completely outraged. draft a few letters of complaint, feel your blood pressure rising. then, when that's all getting too much, apologise to and forgive everyone else. hopefully that should get it all out of our collective system.

i'll be participating…

will you?

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