May 23, 2006

Women's underwear …. why me?

Ok it maybe tuesday, but this occurred to me at work (Asda) on Sunday…. Im slow, ok!!! It seems certain things seem to be left on my department (booze) depending on the day. The funniest and possibly most unholy item you can think of for the sabbath seems to turn up every week, and that is the bra and panties set!!!! Women's lingerie scares me, well when it is not worn by a woman, for one main reason. Come sunday, come the invasion on booze of items of womans wear that you really dont want to have to take back to the correct department. Im on my own on Sundays, perhaps the second busiest day of the week so lots of people around, and how is my day ruined every week? By the appearance of something a red–blooded–early–twentys–year–old male doesnt want to be carrying round a packed supermarket. Picture the scene…. me walking all the way to the other end of the store carrying a bra (38 D… if your interested :p) back to the george desk, through reams of customers giving me funny looks, and when getting there, there just so happened to be 5 collegues (all women) waiting for the jokes to crack at me. "Doesnt seem to be your size!", "Not really your colour", "Id like to see you get in that", and "The changing rooms are over there…" Now this seems bad enough but considering the age band of those working there…. one 19yo and the rest over 40, it was a little uncomfortable, the situation not the bra :S ….. all I can say is what is it with women leaving things like that lying round. Its like they see a young guy and think "I know how we can annoy the hell outta him…" The worst comments came when I was leaving, im sure that the cartoon was called Betty Boop (the character on the afore mentioned item), but one of the 40–somethings insisted it was Betty BOOB!!!! Come on now ladies, try to embarrass me some more!!! I know how Joseph felt being thrown to the lions, at least they refused to eat him. I was chowed up and spat back out. Although I am much more confident nowadays there was still that underlying cringe factor at these events, and Roz's classic response as I walked back to down the store, "What was it this week, Bra or Knickers?" …. somehow I couldnt help but smile but in a kinda disturbed and shocked sense, if I was innocent… that would be my innocence lost right there!!! :p

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  1. Haha, you clearly don't think this is a laughing matter, but i'm very amused by this entry!! You don't strike me as the sort of guy to get embarrassed about such things… i'm sure women aren't doing it on purpose to get at you, just a perk of the job i suppose, lol :–)

    23 May 2006, 17:39

  2. It was Daniel who was thrown to the lions, Joseph is the one with the coat.

    Underwear really isn't that embarrassing though Andy.

    23 May 2006, 20:58

  3. I was thinkin it was a both amusing and embarrassing anecdote, and Joseph did get thrown to the lions, by his brothers… who smeared his blood on the coat, or maybe he was sold and they smeared blood on it just to make it look like lions. Either way. Maybe its just me, but walking through a supermarket with ladies underwear, especially the frilly stuff sends a chill. I get funny looks, so I guess its not embarrassin as such more uneasy.

    24 May 2006, 01:16

  4. No, Joseph didn't get thrown to lions, you're thinking of the part where his brothers rough him up, tear his coat, and throw him into a pit. No lions there. They did then sell him to "some Ishmaelites /A hairy crew, came riding by" so you're not totally wrong.

    24 May 2006, 01:27

  5. I actual fact Joseph flew on a magic spoon to land of parsnips where he barttered for magic powder to sprinkle on his only friend Mr Cactus to make him grow. No pits, no lions.

    24 May 2006, 14:08

  6. That's classified information.

    24 May 2006, 18:18

  7. Surely that detracts from the argument that carrying a bra and panties set thro a supermarket can be embarrassing for a guy, but hey ho

    24 May 2006, 23:07

  8. Maisie Glazebrook

    i love the fact that Eleanor's knowledge is based entirely on Joseph the Musical starring Jason Donovan. "Way way back many centuries ago… ". Nice work el!

    25 May 2006, 17:04

  9. haha! I was waiting for someone to catch that!

    25 May 2006, 21:38

  10. John

    You might avoid the awkwardness by buying the ladies underwear online. There are some many good sites now.Ours is just one of many. But we do offer gift wrapping and a personal message if it’s a gift. I dare say I would be uncomfortable walking round a supermarket with arms full of the stuff.

    30 Jul 2007, 07:55

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