June 25, 2006

Memoire d'Universaire

Ok so Ive seen a few summary type things going round on blogs, and on mates websites so that they can show off their good behaviour (or not so good) while at uni. I'd always thought that mine would be my last blog ever. And it could prove to be. So heres a run down of facts and answers which may haunt or prove issues wrong when people think of University life, as created by me (well with a few stolen questions).

1. Course and Years of Study : Classical Civ – 3
2. No of jobs @ Uni : 1– Asda and summer @Threshers
3. Craziest moment of Uni : Theres so many to mention, being kicked outta halls while a few of the girls did knitting in the living room, randomly moving in with my housemates after a convo in the laundry, almost breaking in to JM while on a boozy stumbling round campus and how we gained access to a walk round Rootes.
4. No of fights : 0 though a number of instances where I shot my mouth of resulted in me having to talk my way out of them.
5. No of time throwing up (alcohol related) : that I can remember 4 but there are probably more.
6. Most drunk in a single sitting : 5 pints, 5 double whiskeys, 2 Sambucas, 2 Corkies, 3 bottles and 1 Cheeky Vimpto (dare I say and a partridge in a pear tree?)
7. No of relationships : 1
8. No of randoms pulled : 1
9. No of pulls (person known) : 6
10. No of ppl slept with : 1 and thats not the relationship one
11. How many close friends : 3
12. Favourite night spot : Either the Tav or Bar 44, though knowing the latter was a gay bar is worrying but the piano guy is awesome!!!
13. Favourite Club : Rios, without a doubt better than Mirage, cos its got less students and more ordinary ppl, 35 y/o single mums all the way baby!!!
14. Favourite night out : I think when as a flat in first year we went to Oxygen on a Fri night, I dunno why cos my flatmates hated me in the main, but it was really relaxed and fun.
15. Houseparties attended : 8
16. Best lecturer : Stan Ireland, not only a legend but a really down to earth and nice guy, plus he's northern though he is from Yorkshire … so disappointing to know, what you reckon Sir Stanley Ireland has a ring doesnt it? Should be in the next honours list, for services to Classics and Archaeology.
17. Best Field trip related day : Last day of the Archaeology dig this year, me and Ben Meunier filled in the trench after Final Fling and I was oh so hungover, but still made it … making the rating 2/34 from the class that turned up. Stan had chicken legs and Carling for the work force, boy did we feast.
18. Best moment of Uni : The bouncy castle party on 15th Oct at 22 Queensway, Hannah bounced into a bush after seeing my antics.
19. Worst Moment : Last day of December 2005, leading into 1st of Jan, see question 6 for my excuse but nothing other than stupity and idiocy can explain my actions.

and finally,
20. What will you take from the experience : I think that my giving up anythin illegal has changed me for the better, though some might disagree, Im much more laid back and less aggressive nowadays, but I let things slide too easily and I wish I didnt. If I take anything from University it will be that sincerity and honesty doesnt pay in the real world and my only hope is to be who I am and hope to find likeminded people to share the best times with.

And so concludes my University career and, unless somethin major occurs, my blogging pretensiousness. Wishing all who read this the best of luck in the real world and all the happiness that could be given to them

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