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May 28, 2006

Impressions of Uni Life….

Why is it that seemingly the blatent theory of uni students is that they all get drunk, get into drugs and have an outstanding relationship with one night stands?

The getting drunk thing is easily answered. From turning 18, in most cases the year before Uni, there is a tendency to feel that one has to prove to peers that you can drink like a fish. Thus ending in lying in bushes outside rootes, or staggering home from the union to far flung westwood in an attempt to see that room that in reality you only left an hour ago… but due to several sambucas and a few pints for good measure is now calling, cutting an evening short. Boy do you feel special then?

The drugs again is fairly obvious, due to the new found wealth which comes to the fore in uni life, people for different walks adds to the general prospects for the ability to experiment. And I guess these two are both linked to my third point of an escape to the one night stand if you can walk as far as his/her room. What happens after? you see them in the union maybe once or twice, and get blanked so wheres the fun gone?

My point is that with the advent of a new year, we see more freshers looking for a party, and while stalwart finalists seem a distant memory the debauchary goes on. I feel sorry for the new freshers every year that Ive not been one. (ok only two years, but still there is a lesson here somewhere) We all feel relieved to leave family in some way, to gain that touch of independance we so desired. But at the end of it all what have we learned? Ive learned that Im turning out more like my dad everyday. Alcohol is a feasible solution to my troubles, smoking helps pass time and I have a contempt for most women that have past through my life. though I clarify the last sentiment with the fact it is out of due neglegence and stupity that this has come to fruition.

Ive had nights at uni when Im so drunk I cant remember, and I dont like drinking as much now, unless I need an escape. Drugs have been a part of my life since GCSEs and now Uni has shown me that I dont really need them. While the one night stand I had, although lovely and being one of those things I wouldnt change, has made me realise any more would be silly and I dont want to be in that sort of thing again, I may not seem it but I am a more romantic and caring person than given credit…. I dont need the easy release, Im in for the long haul, if Im in at all. From Uni the main thing that Ive learnt is that I hate the stereotypes, I hate the person I was when I arrived, but Im a lot more comfortable with who I am now. Maybe that is why the stereotyped student is important, it gives people something to expect and if anything learn from and get away from if, in my view, they are wise.

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