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May 19, 2006

Remember your a womble…

Ah with every passing day it gets closer to exams, and the question of jobs comes up. I can never see where Im going, til I get there then I dont wanna be there anymore. But been thinking there is always the potential to be a rubbish collector, though I cant see myself being like the amiable hairy guys from Wimbledon Common. I got the big nose if that helps, but no uncle Bulgaria in sight, so even on that score I fail.

Revision is seemingly taking over the time that Im not drinking to excess, or sleeping. Been out 3 times this week with the Asda lads. Cracking Euro Cup final, all the more exciting added to events of later on that night. Those boys can really drink so it was amusing keeping up and still being the more sober. Also, Ste threw up for the first time in his life from alcohol related intake. Then proceeded to punch me…. perhaps the most amusing thing was walking home with Big T (aptly named as he's bout 18 stone), supporting him was a task in itself. But I got my own back when I floored him whilst getting him in a headlock. The fact me and DP were the soberist and last men standing by the time we reached Zachariah's was the funniest thing ever, with both of us put together just about weighing in at the same as T on his own. Laughable, but disturbing that the heavyweight drinkers got knocked out first.

Oh and then there was the Leamington FC vs Barwell Cup Final. Interesting to watch a grass roots game again. Amusing chants going on, mainly aimed directly at the Barwell fans/players …. "Your just a bus stop in Hinkley" and "He's fat, He's Bent, His house is up for rent … Number Nine…" to name just two. Shame bout the score, but the Brakes were robbed … afore mentioned number nine getting awarded a 9.8 for his acrobatic swan dive from the Ref, from Hinkley, if you follow the connection. 3–1 was disappointing but reasonable even if Leam did start to come back into it and couldve done more.

One of these days Ill finish reading Apuleius but til that day I struggle on and live in the vain hope I may grow hair all over and become lovable, so that the option of working for the Wombles comes to fruition.

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