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June 10, 2006

"She turned away…

…wat was she looking at?" STP– a quality song on a romantic relation turned bad. Ah well, none of that lately really but im loving the song. Finally got paid, and the same day sorted out my monkey suit for the FF, not sure whether to sqwark like Pingu or to order a vodka martini (shaken not stirred). I hate suits, or more precisely I hate suits when Im in them. Not that I find the suit brigade annoying, I only bring the suit fact up if they annoy me, but really it was encapsulated by a comment by my dear friend chris while trying on the suit, "Dude, I never thought I see you in a suit." Yes and barring FF and my funeral hopefully nobody ever will again. FF scares me, I dont like large numbers of people and Im not alltogether happy bout wearing a suit, though possibly better than the kilt and crail jacket idea.

This is more drunken ramblings from a previously reformed character. obviously with England on a 2, the idea of goin to the pub for 12 was a good choice, decent seats etc. But the fact we had 2 pints and 2 bottles …. before kick off didnt much help. On reaching the end of uni Ive been in reflection mode. When you achieve as little as I do, its quickly apparent that it was a pointless exercise in jumping through hoops. Things as normal went wrong and who knew Id be in the state Im in now, coming into the final two weeks of uni… well I predicted it. Anyone close before uni would see it coming and anyone who knew me at uni is sure to see I have a self destruct mechanism. Well …. BOOM!!!! end of, game over, finito.

Anyone who is curious on the intro, and the song that its from, heres more…. n those not interested? tough I wanna write more lyrics neway!!!

"She was a sour girl that she met me, hey what are you looking at, she was a half the girl the day that she left me ….. she was a happy girl when she left me…." – I agree fully, Stone Temple Pilots, legends!!!

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