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October 31, 2016

Second Post

Writing about web page

Since the last post, the group has made some progress. We finalised a bill of materials and have ordered parts so that we can model and test the electronic components of the scooter.

Although we want to create as much freedom as possible with regards to the design aspect of the project, we felt it was best to specifically define the electronic components that would be available, making this project a design one from purely a mechanical stance.

Hopefully, the motor as well as the other necessary components should arrive soon so that we can realy begin to test our configuartion. One thing that was reall useful in the end was the discovery of a locally based (Coventry) parts supplier (, who just so happened to have exactly what we needed for our project. Hopefully this can develop into a long term partnership, especially if we require bulk orders once the project is rolled out to the 2nd Year students.

Until they arrive, however, we need to discuss the next steps in the plan. The group will be meeting as of the date of this post.

That's all in terms of an update for now. Until next time.

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