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October 23, 2016

First Entry

This is the first of hopefully a number of entries which aim to give anyone reading a little insight into what we're doing.

Our group (consisting of fourth year engineers of various disciplines) is working together, along with academics and staff of Warwick School of Engineering, to design and eventually implement a new assessed exercise for 2nd year Engineering students.

There was a lot of freedom with regards to what we could do, and of course too much choice can be both fantastic and agonising.

Wit input from our supervisor, we settled on the idea of a group project for roughly 35 groups of 5 2nd year students to be completed throughout the three term academic year. More specifically, however, the project be to design and build (to hopefully ride) an electric scooter as per a specification.

The results of a brief survey indicated that people wanted more electronics and creaitve design tasks... which was fortunate to say the least (as this was our initial intention)

Since then, we've decided on specifics and are now working towards creating a bill of materials. Hopefully, the task will engage students and offer challenges like what they'd face in industry. Another benefit is that this might beter prepare people for their third year project as they will have to innovate or think of similar solutions to inevitable hurdles.

We'll try to add more specifics as we make progress, but for now (for anyone reading) if there's anything you have to say, we welcome your comments.


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