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February 14, 2013

iPad advice February 2013

In response to a request for advice on iPads, here's the current state of my iPad use: Personally, I'm still using the cheaper iPad 2, which seems entirely adequate. My eyes aren't good enough to notice the higher quality screen on the iPad 3. In addition, I carry an Apple Bluetooth keyboard (just the standard one that works with any Apple computer), and a Wacom Bamboo stylus (this is superb). I have a TekNet case (much better than the Apple case). As for apps, you can buy them with university funds by purchasing iTunes vouchers. After trying lots out, I'm now using: QuickOffice Pro - Word, Excel and Powerpoint editing with integration for Dropbox, Google Docs/Drive and other cloud services. UPad - for handwriting notes and sketching ideas - this is the one I use the most. Kindle - I now only read books on my iPad using the Amazon service. iAnnotate - reading and annotating PDFs, mostly journal articles. Mindjet - a free tool for mindmapping, works with Dropbox and Google Drive, and integrates with the desktop version (we have a site license for the desktop on Windows and Mac). Evernote - note books backed up into the cloud, If you have any other requirements, please do tell me - I've tried hundreds of apps for various purposes. For example Skype works well.