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May 07, 2015

How can a book change your state of mind?

My reaction to this book made me think I need to keep a better record of my mental state and what I am reading at the time. Mercy's (Sugar's) story and internal dialogue was actually similar enough to my own at times that the past couple of days reading this have been filled with depression and self hatred. In other word, I need some happier books to read, might try and break out the kids books for a while. On another note, I think once in a while everyone should read something like this, just to understand how hard the habits of depression and self-loathing are to break.

SugarSugar by Deirdre Riordan Hall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sugar is about a girl who is physically and mentally abused, not only by the typical bullies at school but also by her family. This leads to an emotional response with food. Sugar is beautifully written, heartbreaking and uplifting. It is a brief snapshot into the life of a strong beautiful girl, who has to deal with so much. This in my opinion should be in High school reading lists, it would teach compassion and empathy very effectively. The writing itself is also gripping, its not a book I could easily put down. The only thing I wish is that it didn't grip me as hard as it did, my mental state has suffered while reading this, which only adds to my rating of the book.

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