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January 07, 2005

Look Around You

Writing about web page http://www.bbc.co.uk/lookaroundyou

5 out of 5 stars

What are birds? We just don't know. But what I do know is that this is one of the best comedy DVDs around. It's a spoof of all the educational science programs that we were forced to sit through at school. The ones that were out of date about 20 years before they were shown. The viewer learns, among other things:

  • Maths stands for Mathematical Anti Telharsic Halfatum Septonim
  • Probing the Brobe stimulates a feeling of wanting to sneeze, but being unable to. Results may be permanent
  • Germs were discovered in Germany, and
  • Nitrogen and Water (chemical symbol H twenty) create Embenzalime Nitrotomine, more commonly known as Whiskey

The great thing is that it looks (and sounds) so authentic, the sets, musak and narrator seem to be lifted out of a proper schools program. But instead of seeing Iron Smelters or Kidney Dialysis machines we see flying scissors, ghosts and a brain being fed Brain Flakes. The one downside is that the 8 episodes are only about 8 minutes long each, but they cram so much in its not a massive problem.

The DVD also comes with the pilot and the full video for Little Mouse, from the module 'Music' as well as various quizzes. This series has an endless supply of quotes that me and my friends have found hours (or maybe an hour) of enjoyment and fun out of. My top 5 are:

  1. Bless you ants: BLANTS (it has to be number 1)
  2. What are birds? We just don't know
  3. Maths has many everyday uses, such as (if you can fly) planning your trajectory to work
  4. Go easy on your EBEs
  5. Stop fighting now….. stop writing now

Post any of your own quote lists below and remember, NEVER play the notes in the Bote Diabolique part of the piano.
In conclusion, this is very funny and all should be educated in the ways of Look Around You.

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