June 06, 2005

The End

I am currently a happy chap as all my exams are now all over (barring any September resits in the worst case scenario). I had my last one on Saturday morning. Analysis on Wednesday was not as bad as I feared it might had been, it was still hard, but I could do a fair amount of it and have no worries about getting the 15% in the exam to pass the module overall. Maybe 40 or 50% for the exam is on the cards. My last exam was Mathematical Programming 1, generally it was a nice paper, a bit different to previous ones and the fact that there seemed to be a mistake in the simplex question didn't help. Overall though MP1 was one of the better modules.

On Saturday after the exams my parents stopped by for a bit (as they were passing nearby), it was nice to see them and I also got a meal out and they paid for a Tesco trip! I saw them in the afternoon and then got together with a few other MORSE people in the evening. I slept most of Sunday but went out to the bar in the evening for a few hours, which was a fun.

In the last few weeks a lot of music that I wanted has been released, so i've spent a fair amount of money. These have been the DVDA version of Deadwing (got it for the great bonus tracks) and another Porcupine Tree album; the reissue of 'Up The Downstair', the Screaming Trees best of, Turin Brakes' new one 'Jack in A Box' and also the new Coldplay should be here tomorrow. I finally signed up to eBay and got 'The Mantle' by Agalloch, which was only a fiver and is very good, a mixture of post rock, black metal and folk! A bit like Opeth in the way there is metal vocals as well as clean singing and noisy parts and quiet parts. All this music has helped keep me sane while doing revision.

The exams may be over but the term isn't. There's lots of birthdays this week, so there will be Top B tonight, a BBQ on Wednesday and a visit to the theatre on Saturday (how cultured!). I'm also trying to convince John to drive up to Alton Towers on Thursday, if he does then that should be a great day. I didn't realise how close it is, it's only 60 miles away. On top of that there may be a trip to London and visit back home for a couple of days.

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  1. MP1 is a very good indicator for whether you should do MP2 next year – far better than a lot of these "do this next year if you did blah" modules. If you do well in MP1, MP2 should be an easy 12 CATs for you next year. If you hated it, you'd probably be best finding something else.

    06 Jun 2005, 21:02

  2. What's the theatre of saturday?
    "...feared it might had been, …", nice grammar mate!

    07 Jun 2005, 06:24

  3. What are you talking about? and if you is unhating My grammar then isn't post it on here. tells it to mine face.

    06.24, ah yes I was fast asleep then. Not having to go on an outing or anything!

    07 Jun 2005, 12:46

  4. Thats good to know about MP2, as I found MP1 mostly fine. I've put down to do it next year, but I think the way they organise it now means we have to do it. I've signed up to 'Simulation' as well, which is another OR module, i'm not too sure what it's going to be like though.

    07 Jun 2005, 12:51

  5. Simulation screwed me over. Totally. But don't let that put you off; a lot of people were getting 65+ – far more than the average module.

    The one to really watch out for next year: Maths of Random Events. You'll either love it, or want to take a pitchfork to it. If they keep the regulations the same, then it's core for all; plus it's the only module I failed in my second year (with a mark of 34) but there was one person in our year who got 84 or something ridiculous like that.

    07 Jun 2005, 22:21

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