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September 15, 2007

A Reasonable Blog War?!

Writing about web page

Through the programming reddit I found Brian Reindel’s post about the Semantic Web. The very first comment on this is James Simmons’ letting Brian know that he had written a blog post in response. Brian then responded in James’ comments.

I’m not hugely interested in the Semantic Web, but it’s a refreshing change to see a reasoned debate about an issue, as opposed to the mud slinging matches that are often found online.

September 07, 2007

Measuring Activity on Planet WUGLUG

Follow-up to Activity on Planet WUGLUG from The Utovsky Bolshevik Show

Having posted this earlier, I decided that historical statistics would be a good idea. An afternoon of wrestling with gnuplot and a hacky Python script later has left me with this graph which should update at 5 minutes past every hour (as the planet updates on every hour).

There’s also which gives the latest count and which is what the graph is generated from.

Activity on Planet WUGLUG

I have noticed that, recently, my activity on Planet WUGLUG has seemed to far exceed anybody elses. I wrote a script to check and, yes, yes it is. Results below (excluding, obviously, this one).

Covbob: 4
Antz: 2
Planar Platypus: 11
Fred: 3
Lamby: 7
Tim: 7
Benji: 2
Laurence: 3
Faux: 2
Mulletron: 2
Silver: 2
Odd_Bloke: 22

September 04, 2007

Warwick Blogs URLs

I’ve noticed while writing my ‘Bible In A Year’ blog posts that Warwick Blogs appears to have a rather interesting way of dealing with name collisions.

My very first post, in which I declared my intentions, had the URL:

The first of my posts containing a reading had the URL:

The second had the URL:

The third had the same with _3 appended.

And the fourth and most recent:

It makes me wonder what the URL of my last reading will look like…

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