May 29, 2015

KBAM learning style

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As the KBAM the last module we have, it more like a knowledge review for what we have learnt from the all modules.

And for the style of learning,in stead of leacture we have to mostly learn the core value by self-learning.It an opportunities and also chanllenge for us,which also the most essential meaning for master degree--to learn efficently byself.However,it also a challenge for team work and a ggod experience for learning be a follower.

But accyually and personally, I think if there are some lectures or guide will be better.

March 19, 2015

Robust decision making exercise

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During the study week 2,we have been allocate a simulate robust decision making process,which impressd me a lots and really make sense that how robust decision dose work in real environment.It simulate a business situation that to choose a location for the production company.To address and analysis this probelm we need use the robust decision tools and do deep analysis.The process od decision making are as following:identify problems,decision-making process,swot analysis,financial analysis,decision tree,grid analysis,marketing strategy,final decisions.

Firsty,we should analysis that what is important to the company and according to the results then to find the needs and criterion.After define the problems, we can select the decision making tools to solve problems respectively.Using Npv and decision tree to decide whether to contiune the project and choose location site, then using swot analysis to highlight features of potential production sites, and for marketing wo choose the grid analysis.

The whole process of decision making have suggest me to consider problems comprehensively and proviede lots of innovative approaches to consider problems.Robust decision making helps inform good decisions without reliable predictions,use analysis to identify vulnerabilities of specific plans and compare robust responses.RMD provides decision support tools that reduce information of varying quality from many sources about many types of physical and socio-economic factors into a concise set of key tradeoff.

March 13, 2015

Decision making process

decision making
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Before we select approprite decision making tools, we should make clear the decision making process to achieve the effective targets.Firstly, we should identify the decision criteria to define the problems,sencondly,develop the alternatives,analyze alternatives,implement alternatives and eventually evaluate the decision's effectiveness.

Turn to methods for develop options and alternatives,which also bring me the way of thinking problems,as we develop the alternatives, it necessary to take five W into account,it including who,what,why,where,when.Then set constrains according to this facts and set creative thinking skills

March 10, 2015

RDM–Visual judgement

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The Robust decisiong making is a really different module compared to others I have already took.There is a interesting phenomenon that whether the fact seen by human beings' eyes can provide us the truth we want? For visual judgement,there is a new concept has been introduced---Judgement heuristic which means kind of judgement that related to our previous known experience and it always based on our emotional evaluation.Therefore, it sometimes not very objective and reflect the real suitation.

A better and objective judgement system are including system 0:our instinctive system,system1:our initiative system,and the system2 which is a process based system,that is slower,conscious,effortful,explicit and logic, not only just depends on the experience but cognitive functions working.

February 23, 2015

Small business and CSR

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I have listened an interesting and useful presentation about CSR and small businesses.

In most regions of the world, especially in both the developed and developing countries, the majority of the business are lassified as “small and medium sized enterprises(SMEs). While individually their impacts may be small,collectively these impacts are large.

To address the needs of impleting CSR in small business owners and their employees,should pay attention to following parts:The world business council for sustainable development has a web-based e-learning tool named chronos which is applicable to SMEs.2The GRI Suatainablity reporting cycle:a handbook for small and medium-sized enterprises.3,Going for green:A manufacturer’s guide to lean and green.3.The CSR management system developed by the vincular centre for CSR.

And the practical CSR initiatives for small business including:improving the environment.

Improving human resource management practices,establish policies to ensure the health and safety of all employees and make the policies known to employee.promotion diversity and human rights.Helping the community.

February 20, 2015


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Before start leadership course,I just realised the imporatnce of training,but coaching is also a essential part to create culture for companies.Management usually viewed as a people-based art that focus on creating and maintaining a climate,environment which can enable people to generate desired results,achievement and accomplishments.Coaching allows communications process between player and managers(coachee) to be effective.

The essential elements that should considered in coaching:Partnership,commitment to producing a result and enacting a vision,Compassion,generosity,love.

And the good coaching process should including:focus on development in players, be in continuous communication with players,be uncompromising in attention to details,be a learner and listen acutely.Coaching is also contrabute to build organizational is a easy and comprehensive way of being related to others in an enterprise.

February 12, 2015


leadership excellence 3
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After presentation of today, we have got new definition of Leadership.Leadership is a process that influencing people's activities and behaviours to achieve the common target.And our group just made a practical definition that leadership should be a flexible approach to manage people.

From what I have read and learn,leader should have ablity and management that control the complex situation,which also can be devided into:attention management,to focus on your company target,meaning management,trust management,and selfcontrol management.The most useful way for leadership not to push people,but to leading and creting a open environment make people feel safe to work.

February 10, 2015

Learning from leader experience

leadership excellence
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As it be regconized, we can not learn how to become a suceessful leader and use leadership though books or any other indirectly material.In Today's exercise, I have experience how to be a leader in desicion making group.In this process, we have been organized a situation, that there is company produce boat, we have to choose two strategy and make improvement decision.

What i have learn is :firstly, the leader should create a open environment for your members, listening to their opinions.But you should pay attention that collect the information and also need to make a wise desicion by the leader.Time management should keep all the time, not the beginning, then get enough time to summary the idea.The most important point is that leader should be listening but also should be a strong conductor , you have to plan and control the every situation.Another important point is that reflection, because the response of your member can be support part for your decision if you utilize it appropriatly which also contribute to improvement.

Leadership should begins at the very beginning and then when comes to crisis can proferm better.

Leadership and excellence 1

leadership and excellence
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The aim of modele Leadership and excellence is to help their participants to know how a excellent organization develop and how leadership related to organization and effect it.Though introduction, we got the point that we can not learn how to become a successful leader directly form reading, we must to experience from the real world.Afer giving the brief intrduction and essence of leadership,we have been allocated to 4 group to make real excrcise----the life boat team exercise.The regulation of game is that there is a boat which have 6 people under a dangourges envirnonment, we need to rank them according to their different skilla and personality and though that to regconize who can be good leader and who are suitable to be a follower to support.

In our team work, after receiving the cards of 6 people,we immediately read the content and list everyone's sklls to find the person's personality.We will generally know which one can clam people under serious sutiation will have the ablity to be a leader, who got the survival skills can be supporter.To identify it more accurte, we devide them into skiils group to list the real skilsl can be use in the crisis, for example: the life silkk,management skill,and the personality group.And in every function we have rank it form 1 to 5 to identity the level of different people's characteristic.So we can draw experience during this process,in real environment we should use this analysis to help us distinguish the complex human resource problem which be more objective.

Another important exercise is the feedback exercise.The a team meeting process and observation to find the problem of followers and leadership.The most valuable point is that team building is not only leader's job but also every one's responsibity to build a better team.And also,summarize the points of giving feedback such as :ask for a resbonse and important reflection, how themself feel about, and the point of receiving feedback:welcome the feedback instead of defense,discuss action plan which also can use in future and contribute to our communicate skills.

December 29, 2014

Deep analysis of 6sigma

6 sigma
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As what I have research from books and journals , I conclude that there are three perspectives in six sigma.

Firstly and basiclly, the total quality management ,for TQM six sigma concern the concept that every empolyee should take responsibility of the quality of the goods and service process.And the main tools of TQM included the sevev tools of quality: control charts, histograms, check sheets,scatterplots,cause and effect diagrams,flowcharts, and pareto chart.


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