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November 15, 2004

Henry's week (prime number time)

What a week – was having a fun time making lots of fun things at nursery, then on Thursday mummy and daddy took me to the doctors. Some strange woman, stuck a needle in my leg and it really hurt. Mummy and daddy said it was MMR or something. Then I had to see another doctor – she was really nice and had a strange swinging monkey toy thing.

Daddy tried to play with my train set with me at the weekend, but he kept using even numbers of pieces not odd ones so I had to keep taking bits out. Daddy didn't seem to like me doing this. Eventually however, he gave up and put it away so I could concentrate on playing with my Noah's Ark.

Went shopping on Saturday – but couldn't find any good presents for anyone. Spent lots of time playing with the fruit in Tesco – found I could move the fruit trolleys if I pulled them hard enough.

Feeling a bit under the weather now – and quite sleepy – guess its this immunisation thing. Hopefully will feel better tomorrow.

Happy smiley Henry ;->

November 09, 2004

Henry's Week (13.5 months old now)

Enjoying being back at nursery – have made a snowflake and a drawn and coloured in a conker.
Went to see cousin Ben this weekend. He lives in a giant house a long long way from my home. The journey across seemed to take ages – I got through 1 sleep and 1 meal.
He has lots of space to crawl around and loads of toys.
Saw some strange things on Saturday – lots of bangs and bright lights – quite scary in fact.
Ben seems to have a strange animal in his house – it hissed at me and tried to hit me. Daddy said that it was a Sally Cat, and that I had to be gentle with it.
The journey home was not too bad – lots of sleeping, 1 dirty nappy and some food.
It was good to get back home – all my favourite toys were there.

October 20, 2004

A pox on me

Caught chicken pox last Tuesday.
Spent the whole week off Nursery – sleeping most of the time.
Saw 3 different doctors during the week – mummy and daddy kept giving me horrible eye drops and covering me in pink cream!

Now feeling better, and Gran is looking after me well (Muummy and Daddy had to go to work)

My spots are slowly disappearing, and I am feeling up to playing a lot more now.

Can't wait to get bak to Nursery and see all my friends, plus they have lots of cool toys for me to play with there as well.

TTFN - Henry

October 11, 2004

I can sort shapes !!

Had a fun week at nursery – lots of playing and painting.

Over the weekend Gran and Grandad came to see me and I showed them how good I am at standing up and cruising around.
I also showed them how I can sort my shapes out.
They have taken my highchair away- which mummy and daddy still haven't finished – so that they can varnish it and I can use it soon. I am looking forward to having my meals with mummy and daddy – they still won't give me any of their food no matter how hard I try to get it.

Will write more soon,


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